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BASIC program to read x,y from joystick.
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BASIC program to read x,y from joystick.
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JOYTEST.DOC 12-04-85

Documentation for JOYTEST.BAS

JOYTEST.BAS is a simple program that reads the X and Y co-ordinates of
the IBM Joystick. It also will report the relative values of the
joysticks two buttons. When either of the two buttons are depressed
a value of -1 will be returned, 0 is returned in the released mode.

To center a joystick move the handle to the full forward position and
note the numeric value, now move the handle back to the full reverse
position and note the returned value. Now subtract the lower number
from the higher number and divide by two, the result will be the center
value of the Joystick. For example if full forward yields 116, and
full backwards yields a 4, then the center value would be 56. 116-4=112
112/2=56. Repeat this for the Left-Right axis.
If any of the test fail to yield any values, then check the connections
of your Joystick, and run the program again.

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