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Megadraw 4.0 creates 12 frame animation. Generates Quickbasic code to insert in your own programs. Requires EGA or better.
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Megadraw 4.0 creates 12 frame animation. Generates Quickbasic code to insert in your own programs. Requires EGA or better.
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Contents of the MEGADRAW.DOC file

Megadraw 4.0
General Introduction and Instructions

Megadraw is a program designed to create 12 frame animation
sequences which can be incorporated into any program. Megadraw can
write self-standing Quickbasic code (for CGA and EGA) which you can
insert into you own program, modify and use as you wish.
Furthermore, the animation sequences can be used by any language.

Animation is created by rapidly drawing 12 different images in
succession, one on top of the other. This is the same technique
used in commercial (i.e. television) animation. The core of the
program is the drawing section, where the user draws each frame of
his/her sequence, and then places it somewhere in the sequence of
12 pictures (A-L). Many different functions are available, such as
moving the image up, down, left or right, changing a color in the
drawing (i.e. light blue-->dark blue), or even performing
mathematical functions between pictures (XOR pictures 3 and 5).

The program requires an Enhanhed Graphics Adapter (EGA) or
better (i.e. VGA) display to run though it can create animation for
EGA and CGA.

The help system is very comprehensive and is found by pressing
the F1 key. A list of all the Megadraw functions and their keys is
given. For more information on a Megadraw function, press the
relevant key for that function, for example press the 'A' key for
information about animation, the 'j' key about joystick use, or F1
for information about the program (help about help).

Though I realize many users like to have a text file with all
the instructions, Megadraw was designed for people who like to get
hands-on a program as quickly as possible, without having to read
lengthy documentation beforehand. If you want to print out the
documentation on a particular command, merely bring it up on the
screen and print it using the PrintScreen key (PrtSc). Please note
that registered users are provided with a text file of all the
documentation, in addition to the already present on-line

The best way to learn Megadraw is to try it, to fool around
with it. The program has just about every function one would need
to create animation frames, most of which you will never need.
However, they are provided to give you many possibilities in
animation. Some, such as the mathematical functions between
images, are unique to this program and are not to be found in any
program; commercial, shareware or otherwise. This function may not
seem immediately useful, but it can produce extremely interesting
color effects unmatched anywhere. Again, the rule is to
experiment, to try all the effects and determine which ones you
In addition to animation, this program can be used to create
Typefaces (fonts). Having you own typeface for your program adds
a level of perfection not found in most programs. In addition,
unlike normal typefaces where the character is entirely the same
color, your characters can be a mix of colors. I have never seen
a font maker (commercial or shareware) which gave the possibility
of creating fonts in multiple colors. In addition, because this is
an animation program, you can additionally make your fonts MOVE.
Stunning business or game graphics could be created by having your
full color text move around the screen. This program was
originally developed to complement a program used for television
display. Megadraw created animation which was incorporated into
the television display. For example, one such ad had a little boy
flying a kite which had the message "Watch BCTV" emblazoned on it,
with the whole kite AND the words shaking in the wind while the boy
ran across the screen. The possibilities for visual impact are
tremendous. An example of the typeface possibilities is provided
on the disk with the Quickbasic ALPHA.BAS program.

This program was completely written in Quickbasic 3.0.
Registration costs $40. Registered users of this program receive
the following: (1) the previously mentioned Documentation text
file (2) updates of Megadraw are mailed to registered users as
they become available (3) Complete printed, bound documentation (4)
a variety of complementary program and assorted goodies to help the
animation artist are included with the registration packet.

The source code to this program is also available for an
additional $40. Users are welcome to modify the program to fit
their needs as long as they do not distribute their modified copy.

We are currently in the process of upgrading Megadraw so that
it can write self-standing Assembly Language code which could then
be LINKed to a programmer's library and used directly in any
language. The idea is to make animation creation available to the
programming amateur. All registered users will receive a free copy
of this upgrade as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you for your support of the Shareware concept,

John Buckman
4 Lexington Ave, suite 4M
New York NY 10010

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