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NetWare Bindery Viewer. Visual Basic source code that allows you to view Netware's bindery.
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NetWare Bindery Viewer. Visual Basic source code that allows you to view Netware’s bindery.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

NWBIND 1-8-91

This is a windows netware bindery viewer. The bindery is a database internal
to Novell Netware. All users, groups, etc are defined in the bindery.

Included is the program (NWBIND.MAK and FRM), a data file of object types
(NWBIND.DAT), dll for getting controls hwnd (CTLHWND.DLL - thanks Jonathan
Zuck) and this file.

To use the data file , enter it's name (and path if needed) on the command
line (use Run:Modify Command Line from within VB).

This program requires the Novell DLLs (NWBIND.DLL and NWCONN.DLL in
particular). These are available from the Novell Forums (GO NOVLIB). The ones
this was written with appear to be version 1.21 and are dated 4-12-91. NETX
version 3.22 rev A was used, along with the IPX/SPX v3.10, using ODI v1.20.
I guess none of this should matter except for the DLL's, but you never know.

There is no checking for the network, it is assumed to be present. If there
is no network, various errors will occur.

I have tested this program only on a Netware 3.11 server. Some versions
of netware (2.X mostly) have problems (abend) when they receive certain
invalid requests. I would recommend testing this program against your file
server during off-hours and using a non-privledged account.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Scott Johnston
CIS: 72677,1570
MHS: SCOTT @ ALTA (via CServe)

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