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Use a picture control to "drag" a text control in Visual Basic.
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Use a picture control to “drag” a text control in Visual Basic.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

FROM: Keith Funk (CIS 72240,2020)
TO: All
SUBJECT: DragDrop Demo Program.
DATE: July, 1991


The enclosed code is a sample VB program that demonstrates how to use a
Picture Control to implement what appears to be a 'drag' operation on
a Text Control. Code of this type is required because a Text Control
cannot be dragged directly. A Text Control doesn't have a MouseDown
Event which can be used to detect when a user wants to drag the

In addition, I've added some code that prevents a dragged control from
being dropped if it overlaps another control on the form. This code works
well if there is a limited number of controls on the form, but probably
would really 'bog down' on a form with many controls.

The program is purely a demonstration of programming methods and serves no
other useful purpose. It is intended for novice VB users like myself.

I'd really appreciated comments and criticism of all aspects of the program
including source code documentation, coding style, algorithms and general
program methodology.

The best way to read the program code is to select the code form and then
select (general) from the Control's combo box. Then use CTRL-DownArrow
to move from one Procedure to another.

Good luck.

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