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A very good windowing package for Quick Basic 4.5.
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A very good windowing package for Quick Basic 4.5.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUTTON.BAS 2966 1241 deflated
DIALOG.BAS 1850 890 deflated
GETYESNO.BAS 2162 940 deflated
HELPMENU.BAS 1894 853 deflated
NOBASIC7.OBJ 132 128 deflated
POPMENU.BAS 1437 662 deflated
POPMENU1.BAS 1896 927 deflated
POPMENUH.BAS 1619 739 deflated
POPMENUV.BAS 1578 736 deflated
PULLMENU.BAS 2862 1307 deflated
QW.LIB 22528 11538 deflated
QW.OBJ 20510 10993 deflated
QW.QLB 28787 11851 deflated
QWDEMO.BAS 56742 13097 deflated
QWDEMO.MAK 25 18 deflated
QWDEMOB.BAS 16979 6201 deflated
QWMANUAL.DOC 119853 28388 deflated
README.TXT 14996 5552 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
UPDATE.TXT 5190 2060 deflated
WBOX.BAS 1187 562 deflated
WOPEN.BAS 2280 998 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

README.TXT - Late Breaking News From Software Interphase
Regarding QuickWindows Standard
revision 4.10 - 12/31/89

Entire disk is Copyrighted 1987-1989 by Software Interphase, Inc.
You may distribute this product to any BBS, or give away copies to
your friends, etc. You MUST keep all the files intact. You may not
charge more than a nominal (up to $6.00) fee for duplication of this disk.
Feel free to use any of the source code in the .BAS files within your own
programs. Use of the library is bound by the terms of the license agreement
within the manual.

QuickWindows Standard (what you have) has been a commercially
available product through 1989. It has been reviewed and advertised in
many national and international magazines. Many people have decided to
purchase QuickWindows Advanced instead, so we decided to offer the Standard
version as Shareware to introduce people to our quality programming tools.

The purpose of this product is to provide you with a rich set of windowing
and menuing routines and to introduce you to our products, specifically our
QuickWindows family. You can register QuickWindows Standard and get BBS
support, a printed manual, and the assembly language source code.

We offer a commercial product called "QuickWindows Advanced" which
provides even more functionality. See text description below.


NOTE: All the .BAS and .QLB files contained within this distribution disk
have been made to work with QuickBASIC 4.5, which is the most current
QuickBASIC used by most programmers. If you want to use QuickWindows with
QB 3.0/4.0 or BASIC 7.x, then you'll need to make a QuickLibrary and modify
the .BAS source files to work with said versions of BASIC. Consult the QW
documentation for instructions on how to do this.

README.TXT This text file.

UPDATE.TXT Contains **VERY** important information relating to this release
of QuickWindows and usage information. Read it and absorb it.

QWMANUAL.DOC Entire documentation for QuickWindows. Print this out on your
printer and set it into a 3-ring binder.

QW.OBJ This file is provided in case you want to create a QuickLibrary
for other versions of QuickBASIC or BASIC 7.0 or combine
QuickWindows with other libraries.

QW.QLB QuickLibrary module for use with QuickBASIC 4.5. Load this
file when you start QuickBASIC (QB /l QW.QLB) to begin
using QuickWindows inside the QuickBASIC programming

QW.LIB Library file containing QW.OBJ. Used when creating executable
programs (in .exe format).

NOBASIC7.OBJ A stub file for those programmers using QuickWindows with
QuickBASIC 3.x or 4.x. See UPDATE.TXT file for information
on how to create the proper QuickLibrary and .LIB file for
a specific version of BASIC. NOBASIC7.OBJ resolves external
calls made by QuickWindows to StringLength and StringAddress
(both routines are in BASIC 7.0).

All the following .BAS files are made to work with QB 4.x. They will need
to be modified to work with older versions of QuickBASIC and BASIC 7.0.

BUTTON.BAS A short demonstration on how to use the WBUTTONGET and
WBUTTONSET commands for creating input buttons.

GETYESNO.BAS A variation of the BUTTON.BAS program, but displays a YES/NO
prompt in a window. Once a selection has been made, the
window goes away.

DIALOG.BAS Shows how to make a simple dialog box with a single input.

HELPMENU.BAS Demonstrates the HELPMENU command and also provides a BASIC
equivalent to the Assembly Language algorithm used.

POPMENU.BAS Demonstrates the POPMENU command and also provides a BASIC
equivalent to the Assembly Language algorithm used.

POPMENU1.BAS Shows a colored pop-up menu.

POPMENUH.BAS Demonstrates how to design a horizontal list box.

POPMENUV.BAS Demonstrates how to design a vertical list box.

QWDEMO.BAS Part one of the full source listing of the (Huge) QuickWindows
demo program. Make a listing of this file on
your printer as it will help you understand
how to use QuickWindows. Sorry, but QWDEMO.BAS is not
useable with QuickBASIC 3.x (unless you want to go through
the process of combining this file with QWDEMOB.BAS below).

QWDEMOB.BAS The second part of QWDEMO.BAS. Make sure the QWDEMO.MAK file
is in the same directory when you load the QWDEMO.BAS program.

QWDEMO.MAK The make file for the main QuickWindows demo program.

WBOX.BAS Interesting display showing growing boxes.

WOPEN.BAS Opens 3 windows showing simultaneous output in two of them.


Registration of your copy of QuickWindows is the decent thing to do.
That way we can make money (which is nice) and continue to provide Basic
and 'C' programmers with quality tools.

Registration will enable us to notify you of upgrades and notices,
and will get you support on our Bulletin Board System. Note that we
do not supply direct phone support for QuickWindows, but only for
QuickWindows Advanced and QuickWindows Professional, our commercial products.
See the product descriptions below.


QuickWindows Registration
Software Interphase Inc.
5 Bradley Street, Suite 4A
Providence, R.I. 02908-2304

I would like to register my copy of QuickWindows Version (4.10).

I got my copy of QuickWindows from ______________________________.

___ All I want to do is register: $35.00

___ I want a printed Manual also: $50.00

___ I want the manual and the assembly source $75.00

Check, Money Order, or VISA/MC is accepted.





STATE:__________ ZIP:_____________ COUNTRY: __________


COMPUTER TYPE:_________________________________________

Visa/MC Number: _______________________________________

Exp Date: ___________ Signature: ____________________

CGA:____ MONO:____ EGA:____ VGA:____ OTHER: __________


How long have you been using QW? ______________________

What do you write software for?
_____ Hobby _____ Commercial _____ Shareware

What is your primary language? ________________________

Comments? _____________________________________________


If you like QuickWindows, you'll really like QuickWindows Advanced!

Advanced gives you all the functionality of QuickWindows, but also
adds the following:

1) Automatic support for over 25 video text and graphics modes
including EGA, VGA, Hercules graphics, 800x600, etc. You can place
your own graphs and pictures inside any of QuickWindows Windows.

2) Multi-tasking menus - check for menu activity while you execute
other routines in your programs.

3) A full dialog system whereby you can define pushbuttons,
radiobuttons, checkboxes, listboxes, data input fields, menus, etc.
Once defined, Advanced will handle user movement from item to
item, highlight the items, and check for dialog item activity.
Like menus, the dialog system is also multi-tasking. Dialog boxes
are similar in function to those found in Microsoft Windows and the
QuickBASIC programming environment.

4) Expanded help function to include indexing.

5) More window, mouse, and keyboard functions including
Hide Window, Show Window, Move Window, Define Mouse Graphics Cursor,
Clear Keyboard Buffer, Stuff Keyboard, Keyboard Status, and much more.

6) Use different fonts in graphics modes. Includes a font disk
chock full of screen fonts for your use.

7) Other routines include smart line drawing in text modes
(automatically connects intersecting lines), Fill Screen with
character patterns for background screens, Check Printer Status,
Check if File Exists, Read Directory Filenames into an array, and
Get current Directory Path.

8) If you develop software that you want to work in both color and
monochrome modes, Advanced's MAKEMONO command will intelligently
convert all your defined color attributes to work on a monochrome
monitor. No need to set up attribute tables!

QuickWindows Advanced lists for $149.00.

If you have registered your copy of QuickWindows, you can upgrade to
Advanced for only $89.00!


We offer an add-on product called Designer QuickWindows which is an
object-oriented layout tool for screens, windows, dialog boxes, and
data-entry screens. You can use the keyboard or mouse to expand, shrink,
and position a window anywhere on the screen. "Place" dialog items right
where you want them. Easily change the text or colors. A full text editor
allows you to add text to a window. Color areas using the color painter.
Now for the best part.

When you are all done, Designer will write commented QuickBasic source code
for you, making the calls to the QuickWindows Advanced libary. Then you
simply merge the code fragment into your program and design the next screen.
Where it would take you hours of tedious work laying out individual fields and
setting colors, Designer allows you to do it in minutes! The future
of object-oriented programming for the BASIC programmer is here now!

And, as a bonus, we include a small TSR that allows you to run Designer
right inside the QuickBASIC programming environment. The TSR saves your
program and QuickBASIC out to disk or EMS memory and then runs Designer.
Next you design your screen, save it to a .BAS file, and then the TSR
restores your program and QuickBASIC and returns you exactly where you
left off before your ran Designer. Finally you simply MERGE the BASIC code
that was created by Designer into your program.

Use Designer QuickWindows with QuickWindows Advanced and AJS Publishing's
db/Lib database file manager to create your own database system quickly and

An absolute time-saver at $69!


We also offer a communications library called QuickComm which can
provide you full interrupt-driven communications with support for up to 16
communication ports (with appropriate hardware) and baud rates up to 115K.

* Supports Comm 1-16, and most popular communications boards including
DigiBoard's PC/4 and PC/8 multi-serial i/o cards!

* Full support of Hayes-compatable modems!

* File transfer by ASCII, Xmodem, YModem, or Ymodem-Batch. The popular
ZModem protocol is in the works.

* Character filtering and translation.

* Specialized string input and output including centering and word-wrap.
BBS programmers take note!

* Do Event-driven communications - Use BASIC's ON UEVENT to trap for
characters received and/or carrier detect/ring status change.

* Completely written in assembly and includes full BASIC source code to
many examples including our popular mouse-driven, multi-line terminal
program with multiple windows, pull-down menus, and dialog boxes.

Stop worrying about writing your own interrupt-driven communications routines
and leave the dirty work to us for just $139.00!


All our products will be available soon for 'C'. Call us at
(800) 54-BASIC for additional information, literature, or demo disks.
If you are calling outside the U.S., call (401) 274-5465.



This is not a thrown together newsletter, but a real honest to
goodness magazine whose entire focus is QuickBasic. Tired of reading
the "big" magazines and finding them devoted to 'C'? Or Pascal?
Tired of reading the umpteenth review of 286 laptops?

Are you looking for a magazine whose focus is on problems you deal with
every day IN THE REAL WORLD? Look no farther, because now you've go it.

You get informative articles written by some of the most famous
(and infamous) QuickBasic programmers. Learn programming techniques from
some of the brightest minds in the industry. Get up-to-date product
announcements and unbiased reviews of existing products such as
programming tools, libraries, etc.

A sample from the premiere issue . . .
"Rolling You Own Make Utility" by Bruce Tonkin, "A Day at the BASIC
Symposium" by Vern Elliot, "Preparing to Program" by Eric Brewer,
"Adding a Touch of Magic With Interrupts" by Michael Wegner,
a review of add-on libraries to do graphics, and much more!

QuickBasic Journal is published quarterly by Northeast Publishing.

Yearly subscription is only $19.95!!
(Canadian and Mexican orders $25.95, all other foreign orders are $39.95)

To subscribe, Write to: Northeast Publishing
126 Wellington Ave.
Warwick, R.I. 02886

or better yet call us at 1-401-274-5492

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