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Btree file indexing library for QuickBasic 4.5 and PDS 7.1.
File QBIF200E.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category BASIC Language
Btree file indexing library for QuickBasic 4.5 and PDS 7.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CBM_CODE.SUB 3970 1358 deflated
CHECKER.COM 6414 4816 deflated
EVAL.LIB 19567 7972 deflated
EVAL45.QLB 31930 9651 deflated
EVAL451.OBJ 3268 1548 deflated
EVAL71.QLB 33650 10852 deflated
EVAL711F.OBJ 3336 1600 deflated
EVAL711N.OBJ 3201 1528 deflated
FINDF.ASM 589 315 deflated
FINDF.OBJ 150 149 deflated
IMPORT.DOC 2278 1182 deflated
ORDERFRM 2407 829 deflated
QBIF.BI 4846 947 deflated
QBIF200.DOC 114716 28727 deflated
QBIFBNCH.BAS 20200 6585 deflated
QBIFDEMO.BAS 27716 7754 deflated
QBIFDEMO.EXE 51236 32875 deflated
QBIFKNUM.BAS 6826 2284 deflated
QBIFTRAN.BAS 10127 3787 deflated
QBIFUNLO.BAS 7980 2583 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the IMPORT.DOC file

This is a sample document for testing the import function of

Polly was beset by so many misgivings in the morning, that but
for the incessant promptings of her black-eyed companion, she
would have abandoned all thoughts of the expedition, and formally
petitioned for leave to see number one hundred and forty-seven,
under the awful shaddow of Mr. Dombey's roof. But Susan who was
personally disposed in favour of the excursion, and who (like
Tony Lumpkin), if she could bare the disappointments of other
people with tolerable fortitude, could not abide to disappoint
herself, threw so many ingenious doubts in the way of this second
thought, and stimulated the original intention with so many
ingenious arguments, that almost as soon as Mr. Dombey's stately
back was turned, and that gentleman was pursuing his daily road
towards the City, his unconscious son was on his way to Stagg's

This euphonious locality was situated in a suburb, know by the
inhabitants of Stagg's Gardens by the name of Camberling Town; a
designation which the Stranger's Map of London, as printed (with
a view to pleasant and commodious reference) on pocket-
handkerchiefs, condenses, with some show of reason, into Camden
Town. Hither the two nurses bent their steps, accompanied by
their charges; Richards carrying little Paul, of course, and
Susan leading little Florence by the hand, and giving her such
jerks and pokes from time to time, as she considered it
wholsesome to administer.

The first shock of a great earthquake had, just at that period,
rent the whole neighbourhood to its centre. Traces of its course
were visible on every side. Houses were knocked down; streets
broken through and stopped; deep pits and trenches dug in the
ground; enormous heaps of earth and clay thrown up; buildings
that were undermined and shaking, propped by great beams of wood.
Here, a chaos of carts, overthrown and jumbled together, lay
topsy-turvy at the bottom of a steep unnatural hill; there,
confused treasures of iron soaked and rusted in something that
had become a pond.

Suddenly it was the month of June, which preceded a rainy July.
The juniper berries were not going to be ready in time.

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