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Quick Basic Tutor.
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Quick Basic Tutor.
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Contents of the TUTOR-QB.DOC file

The QuickBASIC Tutorial Series

Lessons 1 - 3


The lessons are meant to be loaded into the QuickBASIC Editor
by entering QB TUTOR-01, etc. Then just follow the instruc-
tions on the screen.

Lesson 1 of the tutorial is an introduction to the QuickBASIC
version 2 (QB2) compiler. It is aimed at all levels of pro-
grammers. This is the material covered in Lesson 1:

4 The Editor's Screen
5 The Keyboard
6 ..Restoring a Changed Line
6 ..Cut and Paste
7 ..Copying
7 ..Deleting Whole Lines
8 The Menu
8 ..Edit
8 ..File
9 ..View
9 ..Search
10 ....Change
11 ..Run (Compiling and Running)
12 Review

Lessons 2-9 are aimed at the novice who has never programmed
before. Lessons 10-19 are for intermediate to advanced BASIC
programmers. The following shows the contents of lessons 2 &

Lesson 2:
4 What's a Program
4 What's a Variable
5 Integer Variables
6 Single Precision Variables
6 Double Precision Variables
6 String Variables
7 Declaring Variable Types
7 Review
8 Examples of Variable Types
9 Arrays
9 Loops
10 FOR-NEXT Loops
12 String Handling Commands
13 String Operators
14 Other String Commands

Lesson 3:

4 INPUT Command
5 LINE INPUT Command
6 INKEY$ Function
7 Printing to the Screen
9 LOCATE Command
10 Turning Cursor Off/On
10 Changing Size of Cursor
11 CLS Command
11 CSRLIN Function
11 POS(0) Function
11 COLOR Command

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