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Quick Basic 4.5 error handling routines. Full source included.
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Quick Basic 4.5 error handling routines. Full source included.
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Contents of the QB45ERR.DOC file

** Quick Basic Version 4.5 Error Handler Routines **

These are a couple of subroutines that I'm using in a Multiple

Module proprietary program to "internalize" the Standard error mes-

sages, and make it possible to recover from internal program errors

without terminating the program.

They also trap out "Offline" and "Paper out" conditions on LPT1 &

LPT2, and display an error message for these conditions on line 25 of

the current screen. The Var's lneprt1 & lneprt2 are used as flags to

indicate whether their respective printers are available for use. Note

that the Error Handler will set these flags to False if it detects an

Offline or Out of Paper condition on the associated printer. Your

program needs to include a way for the user to set the appropriate

flag true again after the printer fault has been corrected.

The Main Error Handler Subroutine also has the ability to display

ten "Custom" error messages, which can be generated from within the

program by the appropriate code, such as:

IF Stuff > 10 then ERROR 200

The Error Message for code 200 Would be "Too Much Stuff" .

Also note that these Custom Error Messages can be extended out to

code 255 by adding the appropriate CASE Statements.

The Error Handler displays its messages on screen # 3 to avoid

trashing the program's current working screen. The cscrn% and vscrn%

var's point to the program's current working screen (Normally # 0).

This allows the use of screens 0, 1, & 2 on a CGA, and 0, 1, 2, 4, 5,

6, & 7 on an EGA.

The Routines can be modified to use a window if you are using one

of the window generating packages in your application.

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