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Display users logged onto server. QB Source included.
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Display users logged onto server. QB Source included.
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Contents of the ULIST.DOC file

ULIST displays a list of users currently on your Novell Network.
In addition to Novell's USERLIST command, ULIST also shows the total
elapsed time on the net by each user. The only options for ULIST are:

/H or /? = This help screen
/P = Pause on full screens

You MUST be on a Novell Netware network (IPX loaded) and you must be
logged in to a server before this program will work. If you are not
(either condition) you will receive an appropriate error message.

ULIST was written in Microsoft QuickBASIC v4.5b and source is included.
To report problems or submit suggestions for improvement, call Mike Shaffer
at (214) 855-5200 (voice) or (214) 340-6896 (SOS-BBS).

Author is not responsible for any damages resulting from use or inability
to use this program. The entire responsibility for use of this program is
with the user.

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