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Access Windows memory stats from Visual Basic.
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Access Windows memory stats from Visual Basic.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VBMEM.BAS 4 4 stored
VBMEM.EXE 7843 3042 deflated
VBMEM.FRM 5569 2593 deflated
VBMEM.MAK 57 45 deflated
VBMEM.TXT 1062 634 deflated

Download File VBMEM.ZIP Here

Contents of the VBMEM.TXT file

VBMEM v1.1 (formerly VBSYSINF) is a Visual Basic utility for Windows 3.0. It displays Windows operating mode, presence of a math coprocessor and the amount of free memory available to Windows. The displayed memory updates in real time - it changes as the system does. When minimized, the caption will change to display free memory. Clicking on the picture box will display "About" information.

This is a Visual Basic application. It requires VBRUN100.DLL to run, which may be downloaded from the MSLANG library (#6) on Compuserve.

I've decided to release this program into the public domain, so this version now includes the *.MAK and *.FRM files. So if you use it - Enjoy! Send any and all comments to:

Charles K. Snider
Compuserve (73730,1315)

Disclaimer: This runs on MY computer, but that doesn't mean it will run on YOUR computer. There are no warranties, etc.., express or implied. But seriously, it should run with out a hitch!

Copyrights: Windows and Visual Basic are registered trademarks of Microsoft.

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