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Visual Basic custom control utilities.
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Visual Basic custom control utilities.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

2ACCDEEFProfessional Toolkit Control Center


The Professional Toolkit Control Center was developed to provide an efficient way of adding the Microsoft Professional Toolkit Custom Controls to Microsoft Visual Basic.

Using a single "point and shoot" screen, you can easily select and then ADD your desired controls to your development applications.

Your commonly used tools can be saved, and automatically selected when you start.

This productivity tool can save you hours of work, by automating the addition of the custom tools that give your applications a professional "look and feel".

View the included help file for full operational details. It is excepted that you have used the SETUP.exe applicatrion to install the system.

System Requirements:

Windows 3.0 ( 3.1 perferred )
Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Professional Toolkit for Visual Basic

Current version: 1.0

Late Braking News:

None, it's the first release.


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