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Window routines in Turbo Basic.
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Window routines in Turbo Basic.
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TBWINDO.INC 7237 1907 deflated
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Contents of the README.1ST file


JUNE 22, 1987 - RELEASE 2.0

There have be major changes from Rel. 1.0 to Rel. 2.0.

The SNOCHK% variable has been completely eliminated. The assembly language
routines were streamlined so that only one set of routines has to be used
regardless of what kind of video adapter board you have.

Windowing routines are now automatically multi-level. The MakeWindow
procedure now saves only that portion of the screen affected and the
RemoveWindow procedure serves to reverse that.

Three additional window procedures have been added. ClearWindow - will
clear only the window area. PrtWindow and PrtCWindow - Fast print
routines that make use of the window coordinates established by the call
to MakeWindow.

The SaveScrn, RestScrn and Scroll procedures were eliminated. The two screen
procedures were replaced with QRest and QSave. These procedures allow for
partial screen saves. The scroll procedure was eliminated because I think
most people don't use scrolling in a window, and if you do there are easier
ways to accomplish it.

AUGUST 5, 1987 - RELEASE 3.0

Added the MakeMenu point and shoot type menu procedure.

AUGUST 18, 1987 - RELEASE 3.1

Added the WindowXY window relative locate procedure.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1987 - RELEASE 3.2

Added a DEFINT A-Z statement at the beginning of TBWINDO.INC to
eliminate all those % signs.

Redesigned the MakeMenu procedure. Decided I overthought the problem
and simplified it. Now makes it easier to pop a window then a menu or
pop from one menu to another menu etc. Watch you sharing of variables
as this gets tricky. The TBMDEM32.BAS program is a short demo that will
give you a rough template to follow. Thanks to Dave Weldon for making
me rethink this.


Rick Fothergill

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