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BASIC source code for a time and date calculator. You need a compiler.
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BASIC source code for a time and date calculator. You need a compiler.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


WHAT's Chronos Master?

Chronos Master is a sophisticated (yet simple) tool for almost every time
and date oriented calculations and analysis you'll ever need.

There are three seperate tools in Chronos Master.

Chronological Calculator - Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, SUM and MOD
of dates and times between March 1st year 0
and December 31st year 9,999.
This tool also includes a wall callendar like
display for the same time period.

Graphics Cycle Evaluator - Allows simultaneous graphic display of up to 6
cyclic chronological events. Stores up to 120
events. Precision in decades, years, months,
days, hours, minutes and seconds.

TimeCard Tool - Assists rapid calculation of employee Time
Cards for hours verification and payroll.

Also Included on the disk are Source Code files for Gregorian to Julian
date conversion routines written in Turbo Pascal, Microsoft Basic and
Turbo Basic for inclusion in your own programs.

This program is released in Turbo Basic Source Code. Before running it
MUST be compiled using Borland's Turbo Basic Compiler.


Public Domain Statement

Effective August 1st, 1987, I, Frederick G. Volking, the programs
original author, do hereby release Chronos Master original source
code, into the Public Domain. Chronos Master may now be freely copied,
used and modified by the public.


Warranties (NONE!)

NOTICE: No warranties are expressed or implied. This software program
is released on an "AS-IS" basis. The original author assumes no
responsibilities or liabilities from it's use from the above stated
effective date forward in time. USE THIS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


The author may be contacted through one of the following BBS systems.
Chrisma (San Francisco, CA, USA) : 1(415)349-6576
VOR (Daly City, CA, USA) : 1(415)994-2944
Mainframe (Daly City, CA USA) : 1(415)992-8099

CHRONOS EXE - Program submitted for contest
JULIAN-T PAS - Source code also included in contest entry
JULIAN-T BAS - Source code also included in contest entry
JULIAN-M BAS - Source code also included in contest entry
CHRONOS BAS - Source code to Main Program
CALC TBI - Source code to Include File
CYCLE TBI - Source code to Include File
TIMECARD TBI - Source code to Include File
CHRONOS DOC - General Introduction and Technical Information
CYCLE DOC - Documentation for Cycle Tool portion of Program
CALC DOC - Documentation for Calculator portion of Program
TIMECARD DOC - Documentation for TimeCard portion of Program
READ ME - This File!

Have fun and keep on programming !!!!!

===========================================================> Frederick

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