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Adlib code to read and play BNK files. QB source code is included along with ASM code. A neat demo and ROL song included. Requires Adlib board.
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Adlib code to read and play BNK files. QB source code is included along with ASM code. A neat demo and ROL song included. Requires Adlib board.
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ADLPLAY.DOC 2863 1250 deflated
ADLPLAY.EXE 94034 46715 deflated
BANKDEF.H 1836 397 deflated
BANKPLAY.BAS 19139 5582 deflated
BANKPLAY.OBJ 21692 10051 deflated
BP.LNK 47 45 deflated
LINKIT.BAT 222 160 deflated
MSTRUCT.H 3194 781 deflated
SOUND.H 3196 1003 deflated
SOUND.LIB 48757 21616 deflated
SOUND.QLB 35333 15184 deflated
STANDARD.BNK 21639 9998 deflated
TAXI.ROL 6639 1117 deflated
TM.ASM 1030 416 deflated
TM.OBJ 130 128 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the ADLPLAY.DOC file

J. Scally
June 89

I started out to write a series of routines to have some fun with the
Adlib Card I had just purchased. I wanted to write them im QB because
I know that lots of people use it and would have more fun with the
card if they could control it. To my suprise it wasn't that hard to
write a player.

This version just goes full speed ahead and loads all the voice ques
and then turns the card on. This is ok I have found for almost all of the
songs I have. If the .ROL file is more than about 15000 bytes however
"Events like instrument changes or volume adjustments can get missed with
sometimes humorous results. I am sure that I will clear this up as I progress.

Some Important Notes:
Included in this archive are:

BankPlay.bas Main Qb File...Now uses Bank files.
Mstruct.H Include File containing structures
and definitions.
Sound.H SubRoutine Declarations Etc.
Bankdef.H Include file of Bankfile structures.
Tm.asm Assembler Interface to Adlib Driver.
Tm.obj Assembled version
Sound.Lib Sound and other Routines
Sound.qlb Qb Runtime Library
Taxi.Rol One of my diddies.
Linkit.bat Batch file for linking Bankplay to ADLplay
BP.lnk Linker Macro file.
ADLPLAY.EXE The working copy.

PS. This is a Nov89 update.

Ideas using the functions provided in the code above

1. No frills Instrument maker. The structures for the
INS files are declared in bankdef.h
2. RANDOM instrument maker. Generate random values
within the acceptable ranges and let it fly.
3. QB library including functions like Aplay where
Aplay is a function similar to play with it's own
macro language.

To any who had problems compiling the first version, my aplologies.
I think I have included enough in this archive to satisfy most
configurations. If not please let me know I will be happy to help.

J. Scally

The program is currently set up to look for music .ROL files in

and to find the .Ins files in

This however can easily be changed and future versions will be configurable.
Also, Make sure you have your B3000 parameter set when the sound driver is
loaded to allow maximum QueSize.

The Main thing is HAVE SOME FUN !!

J. Scally

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