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Product Announcement for Microsoft Basic 7.1.
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Product Announcement for Microsoft Basic 7.1.
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BASIC Professional Development System version 7.1
Delivers Microsoft Language Family Tools

REDMOND, Wash. -- July 24, 1990 -- BASIC
programmers writing mixed language and OS/2* programs
can now take advantage of Microsoft's new family of
language tools, including the Programmer's WorkBench
and Source Browser. Microsoft announced today BASIC
Professional Development System version 7.1 with an
updated version of Programmer's WorkBench and its
programmer's editor, as well as the new CodeViewR
debugger version 3.1, the MicrosoftR Source Browser and
additional online Advisor documentation. These tools
were previously only available in Microsoft C Professional
Development System version 6.0, introduced in April 1990.
As part of the update, Microsoft has also
significantly enhanced the Microsoft Professional ISAM
(Indexed Sequential Access Method), used by business
programmers for data management tasks. The integrated
ISAM now executes 152 percent faster than NovellR
BtrieveR and 16 percent faster than FoxR Software Foxpro
in similar tests. In addition, the ISAM now supports OS/2
applications, as well as DOS.
In the future, Microsoft will provide support for
developing SQL Server client applications with BASIC
Professional Development System.
"With the introduction of BASIC Professional
Development System last fall, we began to meet the needs
of a growing audience of business programmers who use
BASIC," said Charles Stevens, general manager of the data
access business unit at Microsoft Corporation. "Version 7.1
is an example of our continued efforts to satisfy
programmers who want rich data management tools and
high performance features in a productive development
BASIC Professional Development System,
introduced seven months ago, was the first product
designed to meet the needs of sophisticated BASIC
programmers. The success of BASIC Professional
Development System propelled the growth of Microsoft's
BASIC business 50 percent over the previous fiscal year.
Microsoft BASIC Joins C 6.0 Under Programmer's
Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System
version 7.1 is the first Microsoft language product to deliver
on Microsoft's promise of multiple languages working
together under Microsoft Programmer's WorkBench and its
accompanying tools. The new version is compatible with
Microsoft C version 6.0. Now, programmers doing mixed-
language or OS/2 programming can work with both BASIC
and C in the Programmer's WorkBench. And, because the
Programmer's WorkBench has an open architecture, add-
on tools can also be accessed from within the environment.
The BASIC update now offers all the same tools as
Microsoft C, several of them updated, including:
o An improved version of the
Programmer's WorkBench development
environment version 1.1 that is faster and
more stable than the initial version. The
environment automatically uses the correct
language compiler and pre-set compiler
options for each source file.
o An enhanced VCPI-compatible
CodeView debugger, version 3.1. With VCPI
(Virtual Control Program Interface) support,
CodeView takes no conventional memory,
allowing programmers to debug larger
o The Microsoft Source Browser, a new
tool introduced in Microsoft C in April. The
Source Browser creates a symbol table that
shows where different variable and procedure
names are referenced. This is especially
useful for large programs and existing-
program maintenance.
o New ways to access online
documentation. Online reference
information is now available directly from the
command line, as well as though
Programmer's WorkBench.
For DOS BASIC programmers who have become
accustomed to the Microsoft QuickBASICTM integrated
environment, BASIC Professional Development System
version 7.1 also includes an updated version of the same
Microsoft QuickBASIC Extended Environment introduced
in version 7.0. The new version has more efficient EMS
(Expanded Memory Specification) utilization, resulting in
16 times greater capacity, as well as improved access to
compiler switches from within the environment.
Integrated ISAM Data Management Faster Than
In the new version, Microsoft has significantly
improved the execution speed of applications using the
Microsoft Professional ISAM and added support for OS/2
applications. The improved ISAM, which provides
programmers with built-in file-handling capabilities, now
executes significantly faster than similar products -- Fox
Software Foxpro and Novell Btrieve. And, unlike other
products, the ISAM syntax is part of the BASIC language,
enabling data management applications to be developed
more quickly.
"Adding an integrated ISAM to BASIC was a
natural extension to the evolving language," said John H.
Stolte, Sr., president of Omicron Software, Inc.
"Developing our upcoming BASIC application code
generator, BasicAGE, was much easier with Microsoft
Professional ISAM than with other file managers. And,
we're very impressed with the ISAM speed."
In addition to the new tools and faster ISAM,
Microsoft also added several new language features
requested by programmers.
Pricing and Availability
The Microsoft BASIC Professional Development
System version 7.1 is available now at Microsoft retail
outlets. It has a suggested retail price of $495. Registered
users of Microsoft BASIC Compiler 6.0 or earlier can
upgrade for $195 and registered BASIC Professional
Development System 7.0 users can update for $50.
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ "MSFT")
develops, markets and supports a wide range of
microcomputer software for business and professional use,
including operating systems, languages and applications
programs, as well as books, hardware and CD-ROM
products for the microcomputer marketplace.

Microsoft, CodeView and the Microsoft logo are registered trademarks
and Microsoft QuickBASIC is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Fox is a registered trademark of Fox Software.
Novell and Btreive are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc.

For more information contact:

Microsoft Corporation
Kathryn Hinsch or Marty Taucher
(206) 882-8080

The Waggener Group
Carrine Greason or Marianne Allison
(503) 245-0905
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