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Screen Design system, creates screens that can be redisplayed in QBASIC.
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Screen Design system, creates screens that can be redisplayed in QBASIC.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LOADSCRN.OBJ 2459 1538 deflated
P-SCREEN.DOC 69750 21027 deflated
P-SCREEN.EXE 98532 57061 deflated
P-SCREEN.PSL 22387 3699 deflated
PS-DEMO.BAS 18484 5021 deflated
PS-DEMO.QLB 7313 4362 deflated
README.BAT 1994 783 deflated
RSLODBIN.OBJ 171 166 deflated
RSSCRRST.OBJ 300 290 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the README.BAT file

echo off
echo Pro~Formance Screen Design (P-Screen)
echo You should find several files here (in addition to ReadMe.Bat):
echo P-Screen.Exe P-Screen itself. To get started, just type P-Screen (cr)
echo P-Screen.Psl Help Screen library (required to run P-Screen; 'Read-Only')
echo P-Screen.Doc P-Screen's manual
echo PS-Demo.Bas \ QuickBASIC 4.0+ demo program. Demonstrates how to display
echo PS-Demo.Qlb / screens from your programs. (to run: qb ps-demo /l ps-demo)
echo LoadScrn.Obj \
echo rsLodBin.Obj --- Link these to your QB programs to display screens
echo rsScrRst.Obj /
echo BS-Demo.Bas/BS-Demo.Bsv (reg. users) Demo of rsLodBin to display BSAVE file
echo P-Screen lets you design screens, create screen 'libraries,' then display
echo your screens from your own programs -- easily, quickly.
echo * Design screens with P-Screen.
echo - Save them to: Screen Libraries, or standard Ascii files (for any use).
echo * Display your screens from your programs -- f-a-s-t, easily, with little
echo code, and with no 'external screen loaders.'
echo - Three subprograms are included to 'Link' with QB 4.0+ programs.
echo * Uses: Menus, help screens, data entry, program demos, prototyping, etc.
echo * Easy screen design (boxes/lines/join/text (with auto-centering)/add any
echo Ascii character/paint/copy/move/erase/WalkAbout/Undo/25-43-50 rows/etc.)
echo (C) 1988, 1989 RWS & Associates

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