Dec 082017
Basic code for screen titles using different fonts.
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Basic code for screen titles using different fonts.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOLD.FNT 7642 562 deflated
DOWNSIZE.FNT 884 193 deflated
MEDIUM.FNT 5288 600 deflated
OUTLINE.FNT 1762 268 deflated
SHADOW.FNT 2466 265 deflated
TITLE.BAS 16204 4183 deflated
TITLE.DOC 1150 532 deflated
TITLE.HLP 8000 2446 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the TITLE.DOC file

This version of "title.bas" contains revised fonts and revised
helpfile. The program has been changed to hold fonts and help-
file in memory after initial load. The older version loaded the
fonts, and the helpfile each time they were called.

Run program and read helpfile from within the program. Hopefully
the help is sufficient for most QuickBASIC programmers.

This upload contains title.bas

--------7 [NOTE]--------
Companion programs in this series are "lptitle.bas", "lpspine.bas",
and "lpcover.bas". These programs generate code that can be sent
to the printer. I use them primarily for generating covers and
spine labels for the clear "see-through" plastic binders. These
programs are customized to include printer code [IBM Pro Printer];
therefore I do not plan to upload them. If you feel you have a
use for this material, get in touch with me.

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