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GFDEMO is a demo of GFONTS, a graphic fonts toolbox for QuickBASIC programmers. GFONTS contains 58 graphic fonts. You'll need at least an EGA to run GFDEMO.
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GFDEMO is a demo of GFONTS, a graphic fonts toolbox for QuickBASIC programmers. GFONTS contains 58 graphic fonts. You’ll need at least an EGA to run GFDEMO.
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Contents of the GFDEMO.DOC file


GFDEMO.EXE is a demonstration of the GFONTS.BAS tool package for QuickBASIC

You will need either a color EGA card or a high resolution (640x480) VGA
card to run GFDEMO.

GFONTS.BAS is a package of fonts intended to be added to your graphics
application program. To date, there are 58 fonts included (36 if you have
an EGA only.) Each of the fonts is in a separate subprogram for ease of
use, speed, and to allow you to select only those fonts you need for each
program. The fonts range from 8 to over 100 pixels tall in assorted styles.

Here is how they work: The first step is to get the vectors (addresses) of
the character tables from DOS. All PC's have an 8x8 pixel character table
in ROM, EGA has an 8x14 table also and VGA has a 9x14 table in addition to
the 8x8 and the 8x14 tables. If you have "shadow RAM" your EGA/VGA tables
may be moved from ROM to RAM. GFONTS can find them no matter where they are
(RAM is better because it's faster.) You get the table addresses from DOS
using either INTERUPTX (supplied with QuickBASIC in QB.LIB) or with GFTBL
(supplied with GFONTS, it's smaller and faster.)

You then call any of the GFONT fonts, sending the string to print, the
starting X and Y location, the X and Y stepping, and color choices. The
font routines get the necessary bytes from the character table, create a bit
map and send the info to the screen. You have full control of placement,
scale and stepping. It is much easier to create a graph with tick marks and
labels when your text is mapped the same way as your data.

Because the fonts are in individual modules and in QuickBASIC it is very
easy to create your own using the supplied ones as templates. The
possibilities are endless in size, shape, and color (you could even have
each character in a font contain 16 colors!)

GFONTS is a new product. I am still testing graphics cards. I would be
very interested to hear from folks with an EGA or VGA on which GFDEMO does
NOT work.

The price for the GFONTS package is $20 (U.S.). It includes all source code
(in two versions, one a demo with abundant comments) and full instructions
on how to install and modify the fonts (it's easy!) You purchase full
rights to all use of GFONTS (except distribution as a graphics font

I guarentee your graphics programs will never look the same again!

Thank you for trying GFDEMO.

Dwain Goforth
Milestone Programming
1260 Sunset Ave.
Arcata, CA 95521
USA (707) 822-1291

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