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A basic interpreter of sorts with the capability to link and make a TSR out of a basic program. It works but is a memory hog.
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A basic interpreter of sorts with the capability to link and make a TSR out of a basic program. It works but is a memory hog.
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CALC.BAS 4532 1571 deflated
CHANGES.DOC 3014 1416 deflated
CLOCK.BAS 167 133 deflated
GRAPH.DLL 24912 15965 deflated
MSHERC.COM 6749 3648 deflated
NOTEPAD.BAS 6488 2170 deflated
README.DOC 3245 1475 deflated
SAVER.BAS 1241 641 deflated
TOF.COM 256 106 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
TSRBASIC.DOC 75742 18613 deflated
TSRBASIC.EXE 73754 40224 deflated
WEBB.BAS 4862 1899 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

TsrBasic, a Terminate and Stay Resident BASIC Interpreter
Version 2.0, Copyright 1990-1991 Anthony F. Stuart

1.0 Files

The TsrBasic package consists of the following files:

CALC.BAS - a popup demo program
CHANGES.DOC - new features for version 2
CLOCK.BAS - an interval timer demo program
GRAPH.DLL - graphics dynamic link library
MSHERC.COM - hercules graphics support
NOTEPAD.BAS - another popup demo program
README.DOC - this file
SAVER.BAS - a keyboard inactivity demo program
TSRBASIC.DOC - the documentation
TSRBASIC.EXE - the interpreter
WEBB.BAS - a graphics demo program

2.0 Running TsrBasic

Make sure TSRBASIC.EXE and GRAPH.DLL are in your current
directory or in a directory included in your DOS PATH.

If you have a Hercules compatible graphics adapter and
would like to use TsrBasic graphics then run MSHERC.COM
before you start TsrBasic.

To start TsrBasic, just type TSRBASIC at the DOS prompt.
See the documentation for more information on command line

To suspend from TsrBasic back to DOS, enter the SUSPEND
statement at the TsrBasic prompt. This makes TsrBasic
terminate and stay resident. To return to TsrBasic from
DOS or any other application, type control-shift-b.

To unload TsrBasic from memory, enter the QUIT command.

3.0 Demo Programs

To run a demo program, type the following, starting at
the DOS prompt:

load notepad


load clock

Look at the source to the demo programs for more information
on how they operate and the commands they can accept. Note that
both CALC.BAS and NOTEPAD.BAS are popup programs that can be put
into the background by pressing the ESCAPE key and recalled
by pressing control-shift-b.

To terminate a TsrBasic program type control-c. To terminate
the interpreter, type QUIT.

4.0 Registration

TsrBasic is a shareware product. Registration costs $20.00. In
addition to supporting the development of TsrBasic and other quality
programs, this fee entitles you to a copy of the source to TsrBasic.
The source consists of about 10,000 lines of Microsoft C 5.1 and about
160 lines of Microsoft Assembler 5.1. It is available on 360 kb diskette.

Registration is easy. Just send a note saying that you wish to
register TsrBasic, Version 2.0, along with a check or money order
for $20.00 to:

Anthony F. Stuart
21042 Thoreau Court
Sterling, VA 22170

The TsrBasic package, consisting of executable programs, demo
programs, and documentation may be copied and distributed, either
without charge or for a nominal fee, provided it is distributed
intact and without modification.

The source to TsrBasic may not be distributed in any form without
written permission from the author.

5.0 Disclaimer

TsrBasic is distributed as-is with no warranties, for use at
your own risk. Every effort has been made to produce a robust
and reliable program, but there are undoubtedly some bugs left in
it. If you find a bug, try to reduce it to its simplest case and
send me a description. I would also like to hear general comments
or suggestions for new features.

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