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Visual Basic 3.0 Custom Control for .INI File Access.
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Visual Basic 3.0 Custom Control for .INI File Access.
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Download File INICON.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

INICON - INI File Custom Control

IniCon makes it easy to read and write INI file data.

This ZIP file should contain:

INICON2.VBX VB 2.0 version of IniCon
INICON.HLP IniCon documentation
SAMPLE.ZIP Sample VB code
README.TXT This file


You can register this program by sending $5 and your address. CompuServe
members may register by sending $3 and their account number (the registered
version will be E-mailed to you).

CompuServe members may also register this package by going to the
SWREG forum. INICON is registered there. INICON's registration ID
number is 833.


Source code to this control is available for $25 ($30 for
international orders). With source code you get a registered version
of the control. If you are a CompuServe member, you may get the
source code in the Software Registration forum (GO SWREG). It's
registration number is 1003.


If you have any comments or questions, please send them to me. Also,
if you have any ideas for other VBX's, DLL's, utilties, don't be
afraid to suggest them. If I develop something you suggest, I'll
mail (electronic or otherwise) you a free copy of the registered version.

James Shields
Post Office Box 31926
Seattle, WA 98103-1926

CompuServe: 71231,2066

If you or your organization would like to have custom controls
written, contact either me or Zane Thomas (co-author of the Waite
Group's VB How-To, 2nd Edition). Here's how Zane can be reached:

Zane Thomas
Post Office Box 300
Indianola, WA 98342

CompuServe: 72060,3327

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