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DEMO of "Muscle" and "Stay-Res Plus", libraries for QuickBasic/BC/PDS from Microhelp. Includes price and order information.
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DEMO of “Muscle” and “Stay-Res Plus”, libraries for QuickBasic/BC/PDS from Microhelp. Includes price and order information.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Thanks for requesting our demonstration disk!

On this diskette you'll find demonstration programs for the following
MicroHelp products:

MicroHelp Muscle
Stay-Res Plus

Installing the Demo Programs

1. Log on to this diskette. Assuming it's in drive A:, type:


2. Invoke the INSTALL.BAT batch file with any one of the following
commands. Note that the C: on each line assumes you want to install
the demos on a hard disk C:. If you want to install them on another
drive, simply change the C: to the appropriate drive.

INSTALL C: ALL REM Installs both of the demos
INSTALL C: M REM Installs the demo for MicroHelp Muscle
INSTALL C: S REM Installs the demo for Stay-Res Plus

In each case, the INSTALL batch file will create a directory called
\MHDEMOS on your hard disk. In addition, it will create a subdirectory
for each set of the demonstration programs that you install. The
subdirectory names, corresponding to the above list, are shown below.
The numbers to the right of the directory names represent the
approximate amount of disk space used by the demos.


Total 460K

3. Each subdirectory has its own program(s), along with a READ.ME file
telling you about the programs.

Tandy 1000 Users with DOS 2.11.22

Because our demonstration programs were compiled using QuickBASIC
on a non-Tandy machine, before attempting to run our demonstration
programs, you should run the program T1000.COM. Do this by typing


This program has the same effect on your system as if you did the
following while in BASIC:

POKE &H50F,0

This is necessary due to a bug in DOS 2.11.22, as described in
the April, 1986 issue of 80 Micro Magazine. This bug does not
occur if you compile your programs on a Tandy 1000 - it only
occurs when using QuickBASIC programs compiled on other machines.

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