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Utility to print out Visual Basic listings.
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Utility to print out Visual Basic listings.
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Download File VB2DOC.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

Thanks for downloading VB2Doc!

This is a tool that you will wonder how you managed without it.

Copy both files 'VB2DOC.DOT' and 'VB2DOC.HLP' to your Microsoft
Word for Windows directory. Ex: c:\winwords

To use program, start Microsoft Word for Windows, choose File, New,
and then select VB2Doc. I suggest you at least look at the Overview
screen in the HELP file. Start HELP from either the Help menu or
from the form after you select a .MAK file.

NOTE: All the .FRM and .BAS files of your project, must be saved
as text. The files themselves will NOT be modified in any way
by this program.

The program is SHAREWARE. If you like the program, please register!
Only $25.00. If you do NOT like the program or have any suggestions,
please write: C-serve Email: 72154,1324 Eddie Juden

Eddie Juden

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