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A complete Text-Mode GUI for QuickBASIC 4.5, with full-featured support library.

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** Menusys for QuickBASIC **
A complete Text-Mode GUI
for QuickBASIC 4.5, with
full-featured support
library. Shareware,
$20.00 reg. fee.

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A complete Text-Mode GUI for QuickBASIC 4.5, with full-featured support library.
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Contents of the MENUSYS.DOC file

Menusys-QB Text Mode GUI
with Menulib Support Library
Version/Release 1.0
(C) Copyright 1993 by Tim Gerchmez
All Rights Reserved

Menusys is a complete text-mode GUI (Graphical User Interface)
for QuickBASIC 4.5. Included with Menusys is Menulib, a support library
that adds many extra commands and a lot of programming power to Menusys.
In this shareware version, both MENUSYS and MENULIB are combined into
one library (MENUSYS.LIB and MENUSYS.QLB) for use in the QuickBASIC
environment, and for compiling to standalone .EXE files. In the
registered version, Menusys and Menulib are separate programs, letting
you use Menusys alone if you have no need of Menulib support routines.
The source code to both Menusys and Menulib is also included in the
registered version, letting you modify, add or remove routines to your
heart's content.

You may use Menusys and Menulib routines in your programs intended
for PERSONAL USE ONLY in this shareware version. You CAN compile to
standalone .EXE files, however, YOU MUST REGISTER before you can distribute
your programs that use Menusys/Menulib routines, either for profit or as
freeware. There are no exceptions to this. Registration for both Menusys
and Menulib is $20.00 (Twenty Dollars), and entitles you to:

* Complete source code listings for ALL Menusys/Menulib routines.

* The right to distribute programs using Menusys/Menulib routines.

* Free technical support by mail.

* Free updates for as long as I continue developing and modifying
Menusys and Menulib, for simply the cost of the disk and postage.

To register Menusys/Menulib, please send a check or Money Order for
$20.00, to:

Tim Gerchmez
12648 S.E. 81st Pl.
Renton, WA 98056-9121


* Your name, address, and phone number if applicable

* Disk format desired. If you don't specify this, I'll
send you the registered version on a 3 1/2", 1.44 MB High
Density disk.

* Any questions or comments about the program. I always
appreciate notification of bugs, if you find them, and
ideas for future versions of Menusys/Menulib. Without
your support, Menusys cannot evolve.

I hope you enjoy using Menusys/Menulib. A version for PowerBASIC
(PowerBASIC, Inc.) is also available, and I'll send you the shareware
version of Menusys for PowerBASIC free when you register Menusys for

Distributors: Please distribute this package freely, including all
the files found in the original archive, and detailed in the file
PACKING.LST. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at
the address given above.


To use MENUSYS, copy the files MENUSYS.QLB and MENUSYS.LIB to the
directory you have set up for your QuickBASIC Library files, often \QB\LIB.
Then copy the rest of the files included in this package to a separate
directory, perhaps \QB\MENUSYS.

You can then start QuickBASIC using the /L switch, that is type from the DOS


and press ENTER. The QuickBASIC environment will boot, and Menusys routines
will be immediately available for your use.

If you wish to experiment with Menusys/Menulib routines, load the
file MNSDEMO.BAS from within the environment, and run it. You can also try
loading MLIBDEMO for a demonstration of Menulib routines, or MNSSHELL.BAS if
you would like a "shell" for creating your own Menusys programs. To compile
and link from the DOS prompt, follow the normal procedures for compiling and
linking your programs, being sure to link in the MENUSYS.LIB library.
Consult your QuickBASIC manual if you have difficulty with compiling and
linking from the DOS prompt.

A complete reference to Menusys routines is contained in the file
MENUSYS.REF, and a reference to Menulib routines in MENULIB.REF. By
studying these files, and the MNSDEMO.BAS and MLIBDEMO.BAS files, you should
be able to figure out how to include Menusys/Menulib routines in your own
programs. Use the MNSSHELL.BAS program as a "shell" for creating your own
programs that utilize routines in these libraries.

QuickBASIC 4.5 is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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