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Visual Basic knowledge base, includes VB_TIPS.HLP and VB_BUGS.HLP.
File VBKB_FT.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category BASIC Language
Visual Basic knowledge base, includes VB_TIPS.HLP and VB_BUGS.HLP.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FTENGINE.DLL 43520 18977 deflated
FTUI.DLL 68096 29314 deflated
MVAPI.DLL 5120 1190 deflated
README.TXT 4252 1531 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VB_BUGS.HLP 271890 218267 deflated
VB_BUGS.IND 600064 368398 deflated
VB_TIPS.HLP 1161936 973147 deflated
VB_TIPS.IND 2670576 1585339 deflated

Download File VBKB_FT.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file


VBKB_FT.EXE is a collection of indexed Help files and dynamic link
libraries (.DLL files) that give you the complete Microsoft Visual
Basic for Windows Knowledge Base in two Help files with full-text

Contents of VBKB_FT.EXE (the file you downloaded) with Full-Text Search

- README.TXT (this file)

- VB_BUGS.HLP (latest versions of the articles that discuss bugs, fixes,
or updates to Visual Basic for Windows)

- VB_BUGS.IND (index required for VB_BUGS.HLP for full-text search)

- VB_TIPS.HLP (latest versions of the articles that give tips and
techniques for Visual Basic for Windows)

- VB_TIPS.IND (index required for VB_TIPS.HLP for full-text search)

- FTENGINE.DLL (required for full-text search -- put in WINDOWS directory)

- FTUI.DLL (required for full-text search -- put in WINDOWS directory)

- MVAPI.DLL (required for full-text search -- put in WINDOWS directory)


There are over 600 categorized articles in the Visual Basic for Windows
collection. The two help files that hold these articles have been placed
in a self-extracting file that you can download from several different
places (listed below). Choose to download either VBKB_FT.EXE (the
full-text search version) or VBKB.EXE (the version without full-text search).

The Help files in VBKB_FT.EXE have an additional Find button that allows
full-text search. The Help files in VBKB.EXE do not have the Find button
and do not allow full-text search. The technical content in VBKB.EXE is
identical to that in VBKB_FT.EXE. VBKB.EXE is less than a megabyte in size
while VBKB_FT.EXE is approximately 2.5 megabytes. VBKB_FT.EXE is larger
because it includes index and .DLL files needed for full-text search.

To obtain the Help files, download VBKB.EXE or VBKB_FT.EXE. Then run it in
an empty directory to extract the files.

- Download VBKB_FT.EXE -- if you want to use full-text search to query the
Microsoft Visual Basic Knowledge Base. The Help files in this package
include a Find button that allows you to search the Microsoft Knowledge
Base for any word you choose.

- Download VBKB.EXE if you want a smaller package and don't need full-text
search. The Help files in this package have only the Search button,
which allows you to search for article Q numbers (the number that
identifies each Microsoft Knowledge Base article).

Where to Find VBKB.EXE and VBKB_FT.EXE

Download either VBKB.EXE or VBKB_FT.EXE (both are self-extracting files)
from the Microsoft Software Library (MSL) on the following services:

- CompuServe
GO MSL and download S14347.EXE for VBKB.EXE without full-text search.


GO MSL and download S14447.EXE for VBKB_FT.EXE with full-text search.

- Microsoft Download Service (MSDL)
Dial (206) 936-6735 to connect to MSDL

- Internet (anonymous FTP)
Change to the \softlib\mslfiles directory



After downloading either VBKB.EXE or VBKB_FT.EXE, run it to extract the
files it contains.

Send Comments and Corrections to [email protected]

If you have corrections, comments, or feedback on any of the articles in
the Visual Basic for Windows collection, please send the Q number of the
article along with your comments in a personal electronic mail message
to y-KBF[email protected] on the Internet. You can do this in CompuServe
Mail by putting the following on the TO: line of your message:

>Internet: [email protected]

In the text, please ask that your message be given to the Visual Basic
Knowledge Base Lead (KBL). Please send mail to the same address if you have
feedback on how we could improve the Microsoft Knowledge Base or if you
would like to contribute articles.

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