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Visual Basic project manager tool.
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Visual Basic project manager tool.
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Contents of the VBPROJ.TXT file

VBPROJECT version 1.00

This program need to be compiled inside Visual Basic development
enviroment. First time it is compiled, program asks for the Visual
Basic's path where VB is installed and it writes VBPROJ.INI to the
Windows directory for later use. It also names 12 buttons as UnUsed
which all can be assigned for a desired Visual Basic project from
File|Add or Modify Buttons -menu selection.

VBPROJECT use many useful API calls to extend Visual Basic development

All Subs and Functions are commented the best I could, so you can use
or modify (FREE!) them as you like (or use them in your own programs).

I did not compiled EXE-file, because it would have added extra bytes
to archive, so it is smaller size without EXE and quicker to download.

If you like this program PLEASE! send me comments, suggestions or
enhancements you have done to the program (etc via Compuserve mail).

By the author of VBINST:

Jari Kallonen
Itamerenkatu 8 E 103
00180 Helsinki
Compuserve ID 100020,2452

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