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Door Source 4.0 - Source code in Quick Basic to make doors for BBS's.

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Door Source 4.0B - *** FINAL RELEASE ***
Write doors quickly and easily in Quick Basic
4.5 with Door Source! Extremely easy to use,
but very flexible! Last freeware release -
Going commerical! 100% FREE! Beats the
competition into the ground! Supports RBBS/
DOOR.SYS/WildCat 2.0/PCBoard 12.x and 14.x!
Author Version 4.0B; 05/24/92

File DS40BQB.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category BASIC Language
Door Source 4.0 – Source code in Quick Basic to make doors for BBS’s.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BLCKDEMO.BAS 1282 493 deflated
CODES.TXT 1769 639 deflated
DESC.SDI 389 297 deflated
DOORSORC.INT 6468 2171 deflated
DS001.DS4 149897 65696 deflated
DS002.DS4 4315 2387 deflated
DS003.DS4 4907 2630 deflated
DS004.DS4 7702 3734 deflated
DS005.DS4 2065 1324 deflated
DS006.DS4 8557 3594 deflated
DS007.DS4 12823 5794 deflated
DS40.DOC 148490 36419 deflated
DSGAME.INT 6385 2159 deflated
DSINST.DOC 923 487 deflated
DSINST.EXE 75570 38724 deflated
ERRDEMO.BAS 1423 498 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 389 297 deflated
LOADQB.BAT 27 27 stored
MENUDEMO.BAS 1344 633 deflated
PRMTDEMO.BAS 1122 483 deflated
SAMPLE.BAS 6025 2560 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
WHATS.NEW 629 328 deflated
WINDDEMO.BAS 976 500 deflated

Download File DS40BQB.ZIP Here

Contents of the CODES.TXT file

This is a list of all the @ subtitution codes that Door Source 4.0
will accept.

The text inside the @'s MUST be in CAPS!

* @BYTESLEFT@ Daily download bytes left
* @BYTELIMIT@ Max download K limit
* @CITY@ City/State user is from
* @DATAPHONE@ Business/Data phone number
* @DLBYTES@ Total bytes downloaded
* @DLFILES@ Total files downloaded
* @EXPDATE@ Expiration date of user
@FIRST@ First name of caller
@FIRSTU@ First name in all upper case
* @HOMEPHONE@ Home/Voice phone number
* @KBLEFT@ Daily download K left
* @LASTDATEON@ Last date user was on
* @LASTTIMEON@ Last time user was on
@MINLEFT@ Minutes remaining
* @NUMTIMESON@ Number of times a user has called
* @SECURITY@ Security level
@TIMELEFT@ Minutes remaining
* @UPBYTES@ Total bytes uploaded
* @UPFILES@ Total files uploaded
@USER@ User's full name
@NODE@ Node number
@SYSDATE@ Current date
@SYSTIME@ Current time

@BEEP@ Beep the speaker
@CLS@ Clear the screen
@MORE@ Display a more prompt
@WAIT@ Display a press any key prompt

* means that for PCBoard systems, the routine ReadUsers MUST have been
called before use of this subtitution code.

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  1. Does anyone know anything about the “commercial” version of DS? Did it ever happen, and where is it now? 🙂

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