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QuickBasic Programming Sound Blaster kit.
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QuickBasic Programming Sound Blaster kit.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEMO.VOC 168575 130318 deflated
FFARES.CMF 1053 658 deflated
INCLUDE 0 0 stored
SBC.BI 323 146 deflated
SBCMUSIC.BI 1384 404 deflated
SBCSYS.BI 782 272 deflated
SBCTS.BI 232 146 deflated
SBCVOICE.BI 1445 426 deflated
LIB 0 0 stored
QBSBC.LIB 33053 15289 deflated
QBSBC.MAP 32899 5395 deflated
QBSBC.QLB 33291 16496 deflated
MUSIC 0 0 stored
DEMOCMF.BAS 3067 1133 deflated
DEMOCMF.EXE 35004 25178 deflated
DEMOFM.BAS 2947 958 deflated
DEMOFM.EXE 34884 25406 deflated
README.TXT 2545 1101 deflated
SBKVER.BAS 678 280 deflated
SBKVER.EXE 26574 19673 deflated
SPEECH 0 0 stored
DEMOSBTS.BAS 998 410 deflated
DEMOSBTS.EXE 18410 13540 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VOICE 0 0 stored
DEMOVDP.BAS 2522 952 deflated
DEMOVDP.EXE 38908 27620 deflated
DEMOVDR.BAS 2198 863 deflated
DEMOVDR.EXE 38562 27419 deflated
DEMOVMP.BAS 2676 1079 deflated
DEMOVMP.EXE 35348 25305 deflated
DEMOVMR.BAS 3523 1270 deflated
DEMOVMR.EXE 35264 25257 deflated

Download File QB_SBKIT.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

File : README.TXT 10 July 90
for SBK V1.03

This file contains the latest information which was not yet
available when the manual was printed.

1. Disk Contents

\BIN : executable utilities and drivers
\QBASIC : include files, quick library and example
programs for QuickBasic
\CMF : sample CMF files

In the QBASIC directory, the following sub-directories
are set up :

INCLUDE : include files
LIB : libraries
VOICE : examples for using CT-VOICE drivers
MUSIC : examples for using the SBFMDRV driver
SPEECH : example for using the SBTALKER driver

3. SBK Version

To assist you in determining the version of the SBK library that
you are using, the following files are supplied in the QBASIC
directory. When they are compiled and run, the SBK library
version will be displayed. This will be very useful when you
contact us for technical support.


4. Voice and Music Files

The voice and music files, viz DEMO.VOC and FFARES.CMF, used in
the QuickBasic example programs are to be found in the root
directory. They are fairly big files and this is done to save
disk space.

5. For QuickBasic Programmers

In the example programs for handling voice I/O, large memory
buffers are required and they are created as Dynamic INTEGER
arrays. If any of the arrays takes more than 64KB of space or it
has more than 16384 elements (since each integer takes 4 bytes),
then you must invoke QuickBasic with the /ah command option as
follows :

QB /ah
BC /ah .......

6. New MIDI Control Change Events.

With SBFMDRV Driver Version 1.02 and above, 2 new MIDI Control
Change Events are added. Also refer to page 4-8 in the SBK

Control Number Control Data

68 hex 0 - 127

change the pitch of all following notes
upward by the specified number of 1/128

69 hex 0 - 127

change the pitch of all following notes
downward by the specified number of 1/128

For instance, if the Control Data is 64, the pitch is changed
by half a semitone. If the data is 0, then the pitch change is

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