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3-D action/adventure maze game with sound board support.

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Totally new version, greatly improved by
teams at EPIC and FUTURE CREW. 256-Color 3D
action thriller! Aliens from the planet
Zogar have kidnapped your dog Sparky, and
you must save him! A hilarious quest
through 10 BIG levels, with high-res
360x240 graphics, music, and digital sound.

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3-D action/adventure maze game with sound board support.
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Contents of the HELPME.DOC file

Epic MegaGames Ken's Labyrinth
10406 Holbrook Drive Created by Ken Silverman
Potomac, MD 20854 Artwork by Future Crew



Ken's Labyrinth is a 3D arcade game featuring high-res 256-color graphics,
music, and digital sound effects. Ken's Labyrinth consists of three episodes:

1. The Search for Sparky
2. Sparky's Revenge
3. Find the Way Home

IBM AT-Compatible computer (386 or 486 highly recommended)
VGA Graphics
512K of total memory (at least 365K available)
About 1 megabyte of hard disk space

Also supports:
EMS and XMS memory support (for faster play)
Joystick or Gravis Gamepad for control
Sound Blaster or Adlib card (great music!)


Before playing, you need to run SETUP to tell the game what hardware you
have. Simply type "SETUP", and go through the menu choices and select your
hardware from the lists of choices.

Note: If you play the game without running SETUP, it should work fine, but
you'll miss the music, sound effects, and high-res graphics.

Once you've run SETUP once, you'll be able to start playing. Type "KEN" to
begin. If the game does not start properly, you probably have given an
incorrect piece of information in the SETUP program, so type SETUP again to
remedy this.


IF THE SCREEN IS GARBLED: Go into setup and set the graphics mode to 1. This
mode should work properly on all video cards.

WINDOWS & OS/2: If you take a few precautions, this game should work properly
from Windows and OS/2. To make it work, we suggest that you do the
following in SETUP:

* If you don't have a music card, turn sound effects OFF. The method this
game uses to generate sound will probably crash under Windows and OS/2.

* Set the graphics mode to 1.

IF THE GAME DOESN'T FUNCTION PROPERLY: This game may be conflicting with some
of the TSR's and memory managers you have in memory. We suggest removing
the TSR's and memory managers from your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files
and trying again. Or, create a boot disk and start Ken's Labyrinth from
the boot disk.

NOTE TO OWNERS OF "STACKER" AND "SUPERSTOR": If this game does not work
properly on a compressed hard disk volume, we recommend installing it on
a non-compressed drive (usually referred to as D:, E:, or F:). See your
Stacker or SuperStor manual for instructions on doing this.


The fate of the Planet Earth is in your hands. The scientific
community on the planet Zogar has been searching the universe for the
alien races capable of providing them with worthy entertainment. Of
course, their entertainment consists of placing specimens from
alien races together into a dangerous labyrinth. Some have been
extremely intelligent, but were lacking in physical skills. Others
were great warriors but lacked the intelligence needed to solve the
clever traps invented by the Zogarians. In an attempt to keep
the universe clean, the planets containing races whose specimens
could not solve the labyrinth have had their molecular structure
reconfigured into coal that fuels the stoves which make red jelly
that Zogarians love on their bagels and toast. The Zogarians are led by
an infinitely evil (and ugly) creature simply named "Ken". You'll
find out more about him in episode three.

By cover of night the Zogarians traveled to earth and picked up a
representative of Earth's most intelligent beings. So, now they've
got your dog Sparky. After thorough interrogation of Sparky, the
Zogarians found out that dogs, in addition to being great companions,
are the universe's most highly intelligent beings and have been
conducting experiments on humans for years. While most of those
experiments consisted of things like convincing humans to throw
balls to them over and over again, the Zogarians nonetheless became
fearful of canine intelligence. Instead of testing Sparky, who is
obviously smart enough to escape their traps, they decided it would
be safer for them to merely lock him up and get his human "master"
for their experiments. Of course, that's you, isn't it? Now, they've
secretly brought you to Zogar and you're being tested on behalf of
the whole human race. You will be judged by your performance in the
danger-filled labyrinth. So far, 26 civilizations have been tested in
the labyrinth, and 26 planets have become fuel for the jelly makers.
In addition to having the fate of your planet in your hands, you
probably should also "Search for Sparky" while you're here because
you'll need him to finish the game. By the way, on top of the labyrinth
is the spectators' box, where the leaders of the Zogar Imperial
Empire have been watching and they may sometimes shout insults down at


This is a list of the default keys used to control Ken's Labyrinth.
You can change these choices by running "SETUP" and redefining the keys.
If you do this, remember what your new key choices are.

Key Purpose
----------- -----------------------
Up Arrow......Move FORWARD
Down Arrow....Move BACKWARD
Left Arrow....Turn LEFT
Right Arrow...Turn RIGHT
Left Shift....RUN
Right CTRL....STRAFE (walk sideways)
F1............Weapon 1 (red FIREBALLS)
F2............Weapon 2 (green BOUNCY-BULLETS)
F3............Weapon 3 (HEAT-SEEKING MISSILES)
Space.........ACTION KEY (Unlock/Open/Close/Use)
"A"...........STAND HIGH
"Z"...........STAND LOW
"P"...........PAUSE GAME
"M"...........MUTE GAME (Sound off)
Escape........SHOW MENU (load, save, quit, etc)



Bullets - You can get up to six bullet powers of each kind of bullet.
The more bullet powers you have, the more often you can shoot.

Red jelly (red) - Just a simple straight-flying bullet.

Bouncy bullets (fireballs) - These bullets bounce off all walls
that you cannot normally walk through.

Heat Seeking Missiles - They seek out and destroy the enemies on the
screen; some enemies generate more heat than others and will attract
the missiles better. The missiles also hit with double power.

Lightnings - You can get up to six lightnings. The more lightnings
you have, the farther each bullet will travel.

Extra Lives - You can get up to 4 extra lives. When you die, the floor
does NOT reset. However you do go back to the starting position.
If you have no extra lives when you die, the game is over!

Keys - There both gold and silver keys. The gold key unlocks gold doors,
and the silver key unlocks silver doors! Both disappear after each
level is completed.

Life bar - Near the top of the status bar there is a red life bar; if
the whole bar is red you are perfectly healthy. When the
bar turns completely white, you die.

Apple - Gives you some life.

Meals (meat and a glass) - Gives twice as much life as apples.

First-aid kits - Gives twice as much life as meals.

Coins - You can put these in soda or slot machines for a reward.

Gems - Worth several coins each.

Soda Machines - Scattered around various boards. After inserting a
coin by pressing space bar next to one, you can pick and choose
an object to buy. It may be wise to save up coins for the
more powerful items.

Slot Machines - Scattered around various boards. After inserting a
coin by pressing space bar next to one, you may get 1 to 200 coins
if you win; but if you lose, tough luck.

Magical items - These items last for about 30 seconds, then they
disappear. If you have two of the same type of magical item
at the same time, then you will have 60 seconds of use, for
three - 90 seconds of use, etc.

Purple potions - Hits monsters with more power every time they are
shot, allows red and orange bullets to pass through walls
that you can't walk through and reduces the damage you take.

Green potions - Reflects enemy bullets back at the enemy, damaging
them as one of your red bullets would.

Gray cloak - Enemies and their bullets pass right through you. The
only way to die with these is to fall down a hole.

Blue cloak - Enemies shrivel up and die upon your contact with
them when you are wearing this cloak.


* Save the game often! Then, when you get zapped, you can easily load it
back and continue from where you were previously.

* Avoid the FANS. They quickly eat away at your life if you stand in them.

* Don't walk into the holes, especially the moving holes with the red eyes.

* The 8-Balls are virtually impossible to shoot down. Your best bet for
destroying them is to lead them into holes.

* Frozen Ghosts - There are only two ways to destroy these beasts. One is by
a hole, and the other - well you can figure it out.

* Walking holes (holes with eyes in them) - Bullets pass right over them. The
only way to destroy these critters is by leading them into a permanent hole.
(In other words, the only way to destroy a hole is to have the hole fall
down a hole)

* Zorko - Repels heat-seekers and shoots fireballs almost constantly.

* Other bosses - The final challenge! Nobody knows who they are or what they
look like. All that we know is that to succeed in your mission, they must
be destroyed. They are the bosses of levels 20 and 30.


Programming..........Ken Silverman
Level Design.........Ken & Andy Cotter
Artwork..............Future Crew, Ken, and Andy Cotter
"Voice of Sparky"....Mark Rein


This program is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principal
works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem
with an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to
help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute with an ASP member,
but does not provide technical support for members' products. Please write
to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskogeon, MI 49442-9427 or send
a Compuserve message via CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.


Call Software Creations for all the latest Epic MegaGames releases and
updates. 33 Lines! Sysop: Dan Linton.

508-365-2359 (2400 Baud)
508-365-9825 (9600 Baud)
508-365-9668 (14.4K Dual HST)


Thank you for playing! The crews at Epic MegaGames, Future Crew, and the
Silvermans all hope you enjoy Ken's Labyrinth.

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