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Visual Basic 1.00 documentation errors.
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Visual Basic 1.00 documentation errors.
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Q73655 Documentation Errors in First Printing of Visual Basic 1.0
Microsoft Visual Basic (VBASIC)


Below is a list of documentation errors in the first printing of
manuals shipped with Microsoft Visual Basic version 1.0.

The documentation errors listed below have been corrected in the
second printing of the Visual Basic manuals. Documentation errors
that subsequently may be discovered in the second printing will be
documented in separate articles here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

More Information:

Microsoft Visual Basic includes the following two manuals:

- "Microsoft Visual Basic: Programmer's Guide"

- "Microsoft Visual Basic: Language Reference"

In both manuals, all references to OS/2 and Presentation Manager (PM)
are misprints, and should be ignored.

Corrections to the "Microsoft Visual Basic: Programmer's Guide"

(page 61) "To set the Caption property:" #2, last line:
" can skip Step 4 and proceed to Step 5." should read
" can skip Step 3 and proceed to Step 4."

(page 97) First line:
"...calls to the LogB procedure..." should read
"...calls to the LogF procedure..."

(page 117) Table at bottom of page, last two lines should be:

Caption CtlName Indented Index
- SepBar Once
AppName Once 0

The following text should read:

"Turn off the Visible property for AppName by toggling the
Visible check box. The SepBar control has its caption set to a
hyphen (-), which causes Visual Basic to display a separator

(page 118) Second paragraph, delete the following:
"Therefore, you cannot delete the...of Appname."

Fourth paragraph, code should read:

Sub AppName_Click (Index as Integer)
x = Shell(AppName(Index).Caption, 1)
Appname(LMenu).Visible = -1
End Sub

(page 129) Last paragraph, first line:
"...tabbing to the button and..." should read
"...tabbing to the option button group, using the arrow keys,

(page 146) Top:
"MsgBox msg$[,type%[,type%[,title$]]" should read
"MsgBox msg$[,type%[,title$]]"

(page 153) Lines 8 through 14:
All references to CurrentX should be CurrentY and vice versa

(page 170) Code at bottom of page:
Text1(I).Text = "Text1(" + Format(I) + ")" should read
Text1(I).Text = "Text1(" + Format$(I) + ")"

(page 182) Code at top of page:
[object.]Line[(x1, y1)] - [x2, y2) [, color] should read
[object.]Line[(x1, y1)] - (x2, y2) [, color]

(page 184) Note, second line:
" pressing the ALT key." should read
" pressing the ESC key."

(page 204) Last paragraph, second line:
"...continuous line when mouse button..." should read
"...continuous line when the left mouse button..."

(page 223) Last paragraph, second line:
"...(named GroupChoice)..." should read
"...(named GroupList)..."

(page 261) First paragraph, second line:
"...variable-length strings." should read
"...fixed-length strings."

(page 276) Third paragraph, second line:
"KeyPress event ....The same thing happens when..." should read
"KeyDown event ...The KeyDown event gets the same code when..."

(page 313) Do Loop should read:
Do Until Instr(LastOne% + 1, Test$, "\") = 0
LastOne% = Instr(LastOne% + 1, Test$, "\")

(page 320) Last paragraph, last sentence should read:
"The maximum length of a file that can be edited with Text
Editor is a little less than 32,000 bytes, because that is
the default maximum number of characters you can assign to a
Visual Basic multiline text box control."

(page 330) Code sample seventh to last line and (page 331) second line:
"EndLine$ = Input$(1, 1)" should read
"EndLine$ = Input$(1, FileNum)"

(page 339) The Form_Load procedure:
Running this code will result in an error: "Illegal Function
call" on the statement "FieldBoxes(0).SetFocus" on the
second-to-last line. This is because the Form is not yet
visible. To solve the problem, add the following line of code
to the top of the procedure: Form1.Show

(page 360) Note at bottom of page:
References to the ALT key should be ESC key.

(page 364) The Link Execute Event, second argument, last line of
"...the client receives a negative argument." should read
"...the client receives a negative acknowledgement."

(page 369) Program example:
"if Err = DDE_NO_APP" missing THEN statement .

(page 370) "Requesting Data from Other Applications"
All references to "warm link" should be references to "cold

(page 371) "Notifying Other Applications..." first paragraph:
"(in the case of a warm link)" should read
"(in the case of a cold link)".

(page 378) "To load a custom control file:"
Delete step 2 (the second line).
"Type or select the name..." should be step 2.

(page 380) Under "Special Considerations When Declaring DLL Routines":

The statement "The Visual Basic package contains a file that
includes the declarations for all useful routines in the
operation ..." is incorrect. This file is not included with
Visual Basic, but is part of the add-on kit, "Microsoft
Windows Programmer's Reference" Book and Online Resource,
available from Microsoft at a charge.

(page 386) Code at top of page:
The first set of quotation marks around "Microsoft Excel"
should be straight quotation marks.

Add the following paragraph after first code fragment:

"The use of ByVal when passing a string is necessary because
the data type of that argument was declared As Any.
Including ByVal when passing a string declaring AsAny causes
Visual Basic to convert the string to the null-terminated
form expected by most DLL routines."

The following code at the bottom of the page:
"...Lib "User"..." should read
"...Lib "GDI"..."

(Index) A, "ALT key":
Delete "interrupting DDE 360"

A, "As Any":
Add to page list: "386"

E, after "Errors":
Add new topic: "ESC Key, interrupting DDE 360"

I, "Index property":
Add to page list on "creating control arrays": "117"

M, "Microsoft Visual Basic":
Change page list on "starting programs" from "17-18" to "16-17"

S, "Strings":
"variable-length 251, 385" should read
"use of ByVal with variable-length 251, 385, 386"

Corrections to "Microsoft Visual Basic: Language Reference"

(page 9) Windows category:

"hWin" should read

(page 27) Add to the Note the following paragraph:
"When you minimize a form whose AutoRedraw Property is set to
False (0), ScaleHeight and ScaleWidth are set to icon size.
When AutoRedraw is set to True (-1), ScaleHeight and
ScaleWidth remain the size of the restored window."

(page 31) Description:
"...for an object; for forms and picture boxes..." should read
"...for an object, for forms and text boxes..."

Add the following paragraph at the end of the Remarks section:

"Because of appearance, the BorderStyle for forms with a menu
can only be set to Sizeable (2) or Fixed Single (1). Setting
the BorderStyle property to None (0) or Fixed Double (3)
forces the BorderStyle property to Fixed Single (1)."

(page 52) Graphic image:
The image shown is an example of a check box, it should show
a combo box example.

(page 147) Description:
"read-only" should read

Change the Note to read as follows:

"For a form icon to be functional, the BorderStyle property
must be set to either 1 (Fixed Single) or 2 (Sizeable). The
MinButton property must be set to True (-1)."

"At runtime, you can assign an object's Icon property to
another object's DragIcon or Icon property. You can also
assign an icon returned by the LoadPicture function. Doing
this assigns an empty (null) icon, which enables you to draw
on the icon at run time."

(page 188) Last line of description should read:
"The List property is not available at design time; it is
read-only for drive, file, and directory list boxes and
read-write for combo and list boxes."

(page 209) Month Function:
In the Case statements delete all numbers greater than 12.

(page 244) Pointer Property:
This property does not exist. The name was changed to
MousePointer Property (page 214).

(page 285) Syntax:
The syntax fo ClipBoard.SetData should be changed from
"ClipBoard.SetData (data%, [format%]) to
"Clipboard.SetData data%, [format%]"

Additional reference words: 1.00

Keywords: docerr

COPYRIGHT Microsoft Corporation, 1991.
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