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A complete BBS written in Basic with full source code..
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A complete BBS written in Basic with full source code..
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Download File QBBS.ZIP Here

Contents of the DOCS.TXT file

This is a short documentation on the commands of QBBS.If you need any other
help, call the Data Discount Service BBS at (206)-236-2566, and leave me
a message, or call me voice at (206)-232-5529.Please consider time zones,
and the time at which you call! No calls from the East coast before 12:00.

Commands available to sysop when screen is clear (No caller on line) :

'ESC' key - Sign onto QBBS in Local mode. Modem is bypassed, and output
to screen is presented at an accelerated rate.
'+' key - Return to Dos, and make modem pick up phone so no calls can be

Commands available at 'XX:XX:XX Command >' prompt by system operator while
caller is on-line :

Alt - S - Sysop Menu functions. Caller can not see what sysop is doing
while in this mode.
Alt - L - Forced Logoff
Alt - Q - Forced Logoff without saving message pointers or log entry
Alt - C - Enter Chat mode with present caller
Alt - F - Toggle Linefeeds

Commands available at any multi-charater input prompt

F1 - Exit chat mode
F2 - Output File to local and remote users
F3 - Directory any Drive
F4 - Show time and date, and connect time
F5 - Return to Command prompt
F10 - Log off user

Sysop menu is available to anyone with security level 4990 or higher by
pressing '+' at the command prompt.

Explaination of setup

No more than 150 messages and 250 users should be inputed into the QBBS Config
program unless you have a hard drive. I would advise having at least 2 drives,
and placing the messages on one drive, and the users on another. As for
categories, you should have them all written down before hand with their
respective security levels.

Figuring space to be taken by messages

1. Multiply 80 x Max. number of messages x Max number of lines
2. Add Max number of messages times 114.

Figuring Maximum space taken by user files

1. Multiply Maximum users by 76.
2. Add Maximum users multiplied by 30.

The above two sections will let you decide which drives will have messages or
users kept track on. And will also show you just how much space will be taken
by those files. All message data is preformated, and once you have configured
the disk, the file sizes will never change, but only one of the user files is
preformated so the user files will change in size.

Running QBBS

When you set up a batch file for QBBS the line that you want to execute
QBBS should look like this :

A>BASICA BOOT /F:6 /C:4096

QBBS uses 6 files, and needs the extended buffer for people inputing messages
by an upload system. The BOOT.BAS file makes sure that the daily log is not
deleted when the BBS.BAS program is run. BASICA is extended basic on the
Compaq. Any version beyond 1.1 will work, but it has to be Extended.

Secutiry levels available to non-sysops are 1-4989.

4990 - Allows user to read all messages
4995 - Allows user to read and edit all messages
5000 - Allows user to do all sysop functions, and read all messages.

Explaination of Deleted message handling

When a message is deleted, it is not actually deleted.To save time, it is
just flagged for deletion by being placed into category -1. To completely
delete the messages that have been flagged for deletion, you must use the
'D' command in the sysop menu. I advise doing this before the number of
deleted messages reaches 30, if you don't, it will take a very long time
to update the message stack. (up to 10 minutes.)

Trash old messages, and Slash old users

These commands should be used to get rid of old data on the board that
people are not using. Just input the date on either of these functions that
you want to be the cutoff and then press return, and press 'y' to verify, and

Final comments.

I realize these docs are scetchy, but I don't really believe that too many
people will be using this board, and the few that do can call me and ask for
help. Providing that they have paid their $10.00 donation.

This board runs at 300 baud, 7 data bits, 1 stop bit, and even parity only.
DISABLED. This board will only run with Hayes compatible modems, and IBM
compatible computers.

Send donation with name, and number that you will run the board at to :

Matt Leber
Data Discount Service
8851 SE 37th
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Data - (206)-236-2566
Voice - (206)-232-5529

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