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Quite a few QBASIC subroutines with full source code.
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Quite a few QBASIC subroutines with full source code.
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Contents of the MASTER.DOC file

MASTER BASIC subroutines and program format for MicroSoft QuickBASIC
HEADER: Program name and author title header
ANOTHER: Would you like to do another?
ANSWER: Replace INKEY$ command ** Very powerful, permits f key interrupts **
ARROW: Moving arrow (requires location instructions)
BANNER: Horizontal scrolling banner (requires location and message)
CLEARALL: Clears screen within frame border
CLEAR22: Clears line 22
COMMANDLINE: Gets arguments from DOS command line and seperates them
DRAW3: Draw a line on line 3
DRAW21: Draw a line on line 21
DRAWFRAME: Draw a frame around screen to line 23 and column 79
FKEYS: Assign function keys
HITF1: Routines to execute when function keys are hit (enter your own)
IN: Wait for input from keyboard
PRESSANY: Press any key to continue
PRESSRETURN: Press [RETURN] to continue
SETNAMES: Set key and color names for easy reference
SHIFT: Change input from keyboard to all capitals
WINDOWMAKE: Make a window on screen (requires location and size instructions)
YESNO: Yes or no input only to continue
TOP: Ready-made introduction screen
MAIN: Insert your main program here
NOFILE: Place for error routines
HELP1: Preformated help screens for windows
Collected or written by David A. Wesson
238 S. Quaker Lane
W. Hartford, CT 06119
No copyright or liabilities attached.
If you have more routines, please send listings to me to include or upload
to EXEC-PC in Milwaukee. Thanks.

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