Dec 222017
Patch QBasic 4 DTR fix.
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Patch QBasic 4 DTR fix.
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Contents of the DTRQB4.DOC file

Hello all, thanks to Del Bice, I can let you all have a looksee at the
QB4 DTR Patch.
Here tis:

-D 100 L 5

Take the first <3> numbers of 'xxxx' and add 85. Example: if you had
something like 114F:0100 then you would add 85 to 114 and get 199.
The new number you come up with will be 'yyy'.

-S yyy0:0 FFFF 83 C2 04 32 C0

DEBUG will now give TWO locations where these bytes are located. Lets
call the first address is xxxx:yyyy

-U xxxx:yyyy L 6

You should see three lines. the 'xxxx:yyyy' should be represented by

-A xxxx:yyyy
xxxx:yyyy MOV AL, 1 (assemble MOV AL, 1 at the xxxx:yyyy)
xxxx:yyyy (hit enter here)

Now repeat the process with the other number. (starting at the U command)
After you have done that, be sure to save the file:

Writing xxxx bytes

And there you have it!

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