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PowerBasic 2.1 Testdrive. Free limited version of the new version.
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PowerBasic 2.1 Testdrive. Free limited version of the new version.
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Contents of the README file

Welcome to PowerBASIC!

Thanks for taking PowerBASIC for a test drive! This trial version
will introduce you to most of PowerBASIC's features, including
many powerful application-oriented language functions and a
comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, programming and debugging
environment. Use it to create, compile, execute, and debug
real programs and see the difference for yourself!

What's in this file

1. How to install this trial version of PowerBASIC
2. How to upgrade to the full version of PowerBASIC
3. List of files on the disk

How to install PowerBASIC

To install PowerBASIC onto your hard disk, simply create a directory
of your choice on the hard disk, then use a file copy program or the
DOS COPY command to copy all of the files on the PowerBASIC floppy
disk into your new directory on the hard disk. The file PBDOC.EXE
is a self-extracting EXE file which contains a PowerBASIC documentation
file called PBDOC.DOC. Once you have copied PBDOC.EXE onto your
hard disk, type PBDOC at the DOS prompt and PBDOC.DOC (an ASCII text
file) will be created automatically. You should then delete the file
PBDOC.EXE from your hard disk, since it is no longer needed.

If you intend to use PowerBASIC on a floppy disk only, no installation
is required. The documentation file PBDOC.DOC, however, is too large
to self-extract onto the same floppy disk as the compiler and help
system. Copy the file PBDOC.EXE onto another formatted floppy disk,
then switch to that disk and type PBDOC at the DOS prompt to create
PBDOC.DOC as described above.

How to upgrade

To upgrade to the full version of PowerBASIC, call us at
(800) 245-6717 or (408) 730-9291. You can also send us a FAX
at (408) 730-2107 or send us your mailing address at:

Spectra Publishing
1030D East Duane Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

List of files on the disk

PBLITE EXE - The PowerBASIC compiler

PBLHELP PBH - The help file for PowerBASIC

PBDOC EXE - Self-extracting documentation file for PowerBASIC

README - This file

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