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How to produce a multi-tasking program in QuickBasic 4.5.
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How to produce a multi-tasking program in QuickBasic 4.5.
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Contents of the EXEHDR.DOC file

EXE Header: This program modifies the EXE header to ask DOS for less
than the max amount of memory.

Typing 'EXEHDR' will give a bit of help.

Typing 'EXEHDR programname' will return info about the EXE file.

Typing 'EXEHDR programname /MAX:xx' will modify the EXE file to ask for
xx amount of memory above the mimimum.

You will have to play around a bit to find the correct amount of
memory. A way to get started is to type 'EXEHDR programname' and see what
the mimimum memory needed is. Then add on the scratch memory you would
like, and type 'EXEHDR programname /MAX:xx' with that number.

Run the program. Did it crash? Then add more scratch. Ran ok? Then
subtract a bit and see if it still runs.

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