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Quick BASIC source for some strange sound effects.
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Quick BASIC source for some strange sound effects.
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Contents of the SQUAWK.DOC file

Squawkers and Zangers and Off-Key Loud Clangers
and Things that go Bleep in the Night.

version 1.0
(C) 1987 Merlin R. Null

A sampler or stange noises and sound effects. Use parts of this
program to add variety to your programs. SQUAWK started out as a
search for a BEEP replacement for some QuickBASIC programs I was
doing for work. My boss wanted something that could be heard in a
high noise area.

One thing is not shown on the menu. Hitting a numeral causes SQUAWK
to spit out that many random sounds.

This program may be freely uploaded to BBS systems and distributed by
non-profit organizations.

Merlin R. Null
(818) 762-1429

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