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QB Program Analyzer. Cross-reference utility. Includes source.
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QB Program Analyzer. Cross-reference utility. Includes source.
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Contents of the BASFLOW.DOC file

BASFLOW.bas Documentation (brief)

Quick Basic Program Analyzer Version 1.0

(C) Copr Clyde F. Coulter, Jr., 1988
All Rights Reserved.

Author: Clyde F. Coulter, Jr.
Phone: (606) 744-1911

If No Parameters are passed, Program asks user for each parameter

May be invoked from DOS command line as follows:

>BASFLOW source.bas [outfile.flo] [/switches]

Default Output Device is SCRN:

Switches are:

/L Produce Program Source Listing Including Line Numbers.
/X Produce Label and Variable Crossreference
/Tn Produce Program Tree, where n = 1 to 9
/R Produce Reserved Word Usage List
/S Produce String Data Reference
/Q4 Source is QB Version 4.0 (Default is v3.0)


>BASFLOW basflow.bas basflow.flo /L /X /T2 /R /Q4

Source may be modified by others so long as it is
NOT distributed for personal gain.

No Waranties of any kind are suggested in any way by the
author of the program described herein.

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