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BCD, scientific, trig math functions for Quick Basic - from Tom Hanlin.
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BCD, scientific, trig math functions for Quick Basic – from Tom Hanlin.
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Contents of the BIBLIO.TXT file

This constitutes a bibliography of some of the references used in creating
the MATHWIZ library. They are listed in no particular order. Comments
reflect my personal opinions on the text.

"How to Solve it by Computer". 1982, by R.G. Dromey, Prentice-Hall Inc.
-- A fantastic book covering a little of everything: data structures,
sorting, pseudo-random numbers, and various numeric calculations.
Examples are frequently given in Pascal. Very nice.

"Numerical Analysis with the TI99/4A, Commodore 64, Apple II+/IIe and TRS-80
Model I/III". 1984, by H.R. Meck, Prentice-Hall Inc.
-- A promising but irritating reference. It covers a wide range of numerical
equations with implementations in BASIC. However, the text is terse, the
BASIC code is ugly, and the examples make assumptions about the available
precision rather than relying on an error term.

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