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Graphics tile maker for Quick C or Basic.
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Graphics tile maker for Quick C or Basic.
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Download File TILER.ZIP Here

Contents of the TILER.DOC file

This is a document on the "Tile Maker".

I have made this tile editor program for easy editting of tiles.
I first made it so I could make a tile graphically and then save it as a
file I could load. Slowly I have added on more commands and functions
to make the editor easier to use. I have given it to the public in hopes
of getting a better C compiler, so I can develop a more complete tile

This editor is only made for the 320x200 mode with 256 colors. It
was compiled with Quick C. I have made two demo programs. One for
Quick Basic (or QBasic) and one for Quick C. The largest tile size is

Some of the commands are:

(5) or ( ) = plots point on tile editor
(A) = About the compiler
(B) = Changes the boarder color of the tile^
(C) = Changes the size of the tile
(D) = Gives you the disk options:
(S) = Saves tile
(L) = Loads tile
(P) = Allows you to change the prefix
(F) = Finds the color the cursor is currently on
(N) = Erases current tile
(U) = Puts up or down the pen*
(Q) = Exits the editor
(S) = Gives you a list of all the letter codes of the (X, Y) coordinates
(?) = Shows you the different commands shown here

^The boarder is not saved with the tile. It is used to outline the
boundaries of the tile.
*The default is pen up. When you first push the button, the pen goes
down, the next time you push the button, the pen goes up, and so on.
On the right side of the screen there is a box with a 'P' to the
left of it. When the pen is up it is not lit up. When the pen is
down it is lit up.

The keys to move the cursor in the tile box are:


The keys to move the cursor in the pallet box are:

The arrow keys.

I would like $2.50 for it, in order to get enough money for a new and
better compiler. I am only asking it as a donation, if you like my tile
editor. I can be contacted on America Online as 'SRC' and my address is:
1200 Trenton Blvd.
San Pablo, CA 94806

Note: don't forget to unzip 'DEMO.ZIP' which is embedded in
the 'TILER.ZIP' file. When you are done, the program should
be arranged like:


There might be problems if the program is not arranged in
the way shown above. If running the program from Windows,
you should launch the program by the batch file.

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