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Converts tokenized Basic files to ASCII text files.
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Converts tokenized Basic files to ASCII text files.
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Contents of the RB.DOC file

RB Command Version 1.58
---------- Aug 20, 1985

Purpose: Convert an interpreted BASIC file to an ASCII format

Syntax: RB filename.bas newfile.bas

Remarks: The two file names are required. The first specifies
the name of an interpreted BASIC program, the second
is the name to be given to the new ASCII file.

Floating point numbers are not rounded but no precision
is lost.

RB accomplishes the same task as using the BASIC interpreter
to save a BASIC file in ASCII form, for example:



rb myprog.bas myprog.asc

The reasons for using RB are:

- the interpreter is not needed (not everyone gets
a BASIC interpreter with their system)
- RB is much faster
- allows using BATch files for use with compilers

Written by Vernon D. Buerg for the IBM PC, and compatibles,
using DOS 2.0 or later. For private, personal use only.
Not for sale or higher.

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