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INSTA-DOOR [TEXT] v2.0 QB/VBDOS/PDS door developer library. Ansi/Avatar, Pop up menus, dialog boxes, ansi music, non standard irq's & port address, etc.

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FEATURES: Seven DROP FILES supported, Split
Screen Chat, Text/ANSI/AVATAR 0,0+
emulations, Codes in Ansis, Drop the DTR
(for CALL BACK VERIFIERS), Read & Write
local & remote screens, Code Optimizer, Non-
standard IRQ's & Port Addresses, FOSSIL
support, COM 1 - 4, with 300-115200 baud
rates, WINDOWS/OS2/DESQVIEW Time Slicing,
ANSI MUSIC, Remote Terminal Detection,
NETWORK Detection, MULTI-NODE support, and
much much more!
[By: M&J Alliance Software 1-602-937-3796]

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INSTA-DOOR [TEXT] v2.0 QB/VBDOS/PDS door developer library. Ansi/Avatar, Pop up menus, dialog boxes, ansi music, non standard irq’s & port address, etc.
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Contents of the HISTORY.TXT file

INSTA-DOOR V2.0, 06/20/93

Whew! A lot of good things have been added in this release! Well worth
the price of registration! Not that we're bragging or anything!
INSTA-DOOR is truly the BESTBESTBEST door library in existance!

- Two new DOOR INFO files added - SFDOORS.DAT and GTUSER.BBS
- PopMenu - Similar to DialogBox but has hotkeys
- Text Codes - See APPENDIX A in IDOOR.DOC
- Doors optimized to run in multitasking enviroments such as Windows 3.x,
OS/2, and Desqview
- Network detection routine
- GetPCBUsers and PutPCBUsers allows access to PCBOARD's 'USERS' file
- OpenRandom allows opening of files in RANDOM mode
- SendJusttoModem allows text to be sent to the modem and not the screen
- Dtr allows control of the DTR line
- Non standard PORT ADDRESSES and IRQs are supported (specified on the
command line)
- FOSSIL support (specified on the command line)
- Node numbers can be specified on the command line
-P[addr]: Specify a NON-STANDARD port address
-I[IRQ line]: Specify a NON-STANDARD IRQ line
-F: Specify FOSSIL support
-N[node]: Specify node number
- CFG-ED.EXE: Small editor to edit CFG files
- ANS2AVT.EXE: Converts ANSI files to AVATAR (not our property, it
is SHAREWARE, worth the price of registration!)

- The door .CFG file format has been changed
- The EXIST function has been changed to EXIST2 (Borrowed from PBCLONE)
- INITIALIZE now requires a SERIAL NUMBER string argument for registered
users (non-registered users pass a "")

Bug Fixes:
- If a BBS was run with the port 'locked' to a certain value, and passed
a baud rate thru the DOOR INFO file that was different from the locked
rate, the door would not run properly. This has been fixed.
- In some cases, upon exiting a door, the ExitDoor routine would add
empty lines to a DOOR INFO file. Fixed.

INSTA-DOOR V1.1, 04/17/93:

Well, version 1.0 had a lot of bugs and we are sorry. Hopefully this
release will make up for it. Instead of making it a 1.01 release
we are making this one a 1.1 because we have added 8 new commands
to the library. Here are the bugs and additions:

- TextParse - Parses text strings.
- AvatarScrollUp - Scroll portions of the screen up. (Avatar 0+ Only)
- AvatarScrollDown - Scroll portions of the screen down. (Avatar 0+ Only)
- AvatarInit - Clear screen and place a character background. (Avatar 0+
- AvatarRepeat - Repeat patterns. (Avatar 0+ Only)
- AvatarDelete - Deletes a character. (Avatar 0+ Only)
- AvatarClear - Clears portion of the screen. (Avatar 0+ Only)
- AvatarInsert - Turns insert mode on/off. (Avatar 0+ Only)
- CheckTermulation - Added local detection. Returns a 3 when no carrier
is present.
- InputData - Added the ability to have hotkeys for any length string.
- Hitkey$ - Hitkey dosent pause, you must now put it in a loop like Inkey$.
- SendLongString - SendLongString has been changed where you only pass
a character and then the number of characters to send.
(Please check the IDOOR.DOC file for more info.)

Bug Fixes:
- Split Screen Chat - Now clears the screen correctly before chatting.
- DialogBox - The dialog box now uses cursor keys at speeds lower than 2400.
- ClearWindow - ClearWindow now changes the color to black on black before
clearing the screen. No need to add ChangeColor 0,0 before
- InputData - InputData now returns a value back for you to check.

INSTA-DOOR V1.0, 04/9/93:

First Release.

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