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Graphical user interface for PowerBasic.
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Graphical user interface for PowerBasic.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOD32.FNT 11193 3634 deflated
CAL18.FNT 4266 1837 deflated
CANA32B.FNT 10994 2865 deflated
CHI18.FNT 5481 1286 deflated
COL26.FNT 11123 2325 deflated
DEMO1.BAS 52945 12417 deflated
DEMO2.BAS 20907 5145 deflated
DUB10.FNT 2279 870 deflated
DUB10B.FNT 1911 888 deflated
DUB12B.FNT 2412 1024 deflated
DUB14.FNT 3976 1270 deflated
DUB14B.FNT 3689 1299 deflated
DUB18.FNT 5012 1604 deflated
DUB24.FNT 8052 2067 deflated
DUB8.FNT 1967 752 deflated
DUB8B.FNT 1451 743 deflated
MARK32.FNT 20573 4166 deflated
PBGUI200.BI 4508 1159 deflated
PBGUI200.DOC 31360 6695 deflated
PBGUI200.PBL 74616 25204 deflated
READ.ME 997 517 deflated
REGISTER.000 23749 6821 deflated
REGISTER.BAS 8902 2540 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 1920 518 deflated
REGISTER.EXE 91588 48349 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


*.FNT Font Files
DEMO1.BAS Demo1 source code
DEMO2.BAS Demo2 source code
PBGUI200.BI Toolkit Include File
PBGUI200.PBL Toolkit Library
REGISTER.DOC Rgistration form manual fill in text file
REGISTER.EXE Registration form creater
REGISTER.000 Screen and Window Info for REGISTER.EXE

You must run DEMO1.BAS and create the screens and window data for use by
DEMO2.BAS before you try and run DEMO2. This is accomplished by pressing
F5 while viewing each screen in DEMO1. You must cycle through all seven
screens and save each before DEMO2 will function correctly. I chose to do
it this way to save on file size of the uploaded toolkit.

Make sure your directory in the IDE is the same as the directory for the
DEMO's. DEMO2 looks for it's screens in the default directory. You
optionally can change the source to reflect where the screens are located.


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