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BasicBasic is an easy to program, Basic-like language for DOS or Windows.
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BasicBasic is an easy to program, Basic-like language for DOS or Windows.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Version 1.2 notes

The BasicBasic software and documentation is copyright (c)
1992 by Mark Davidsaver. The files BB12.ZIP and WBB12.ZIP
are provided for SHAREWARE distribution. These two files
may be distributed provided that the entire file is
distributed and no more than a nominal fee (not to exceed $10)
is charged for such distribution.

Remember you can become a registered owner for only $30.00.
Register by December 31, 1992, and you will receive the
next two updates free! It's cheaper than downloading.
ORDER.DOC contains an order form.

The shareware version of BasicBasic is distributed in two
files for ease of downloading. BB11.ZIP contains the
compiler which runs under DOS and the runtime for
applications which run under DOS. WBB11.ZIP contains the
compiler which runs under Windows and the runtime for
applications which run under Windows. If you are going to
compile and run applications for both environments then
you will need both BB12.ZIP and WBB12.ZIP.

I will check my Compuserve mail periodically to answer
questions and take comments. My Compuserve ID is
71341,236. In addition you can usually reach me at (309)
927-3303 to order or for help.

Below is a list of possible future enhancements to
BasicBasic. In what order should these be implemented?
What other additions would you like? Let me know.

- Sound authoring and playback

- More Windows funtions

- Faster

- Additional file format support(Dbase, etc)

- OS/2 support.

Mark Davidsaver
September 7, 1992

Yes, I use BasicBasic and want to register:

NAME: ________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________

CITY: ________________________________________________

STATE: _________ ZIP: __________

DISKETTE SIZE REQUIRED: ( ) 3 1/2 ( ) 5 1/4

VERSION OF BasicBasic I have: _____________
(Look on compiler first screen.
If you already have version 1.2 your
updates start with the NEXT version.)

Registration fee: $30.00

(Illinois residents add 6.25% sales tax)
(Foreign orders: US funds and add $5.00 shipping)

Make check or money order payable to: Mark Davidsaver

Mastercard/Visa also accepted:

Credit Card Number: __________________________________

Expiration: ____________

Signature: ________________________________ _________


or phone

(309) 927-3303

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