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Image Builder is a Quickbasic graphic utility for creating images, fonts, icons or anything else that fits in this category.
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Image Builder is a Quickbasic graphic utility for creating images, fonts, icons or anything else that fits in this category.
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Contents of the IMAGEBLD.DOC file


Version 1.1

(C) Copyright 1989 by Paul Eggers


Paul Eggers
473 Virginia Ave
Herndon, Va 22070


Image Builder is a Quickbasic graphic utility for creating
Images, fonts, icons or anything else that fits in this category.

Output is for use in your Quickbasic programs.


Video - EGA or better.
Input - Keyboard (Mouse is Optional)

Quickbasic ver 4.0 or greater is not a requirement to run
this program, but the output generated is used by


This software is distributed as Shareware. You are granted a
free license to use this software. You are encouraged to copy and

share this software with others. Distribution of this software
must be in its original unmodified form. If you use this
software and find it of value you're encouraged to register this

software. The registration fee is $10.00. This will entitle you
to any upgrades of this software and special notice if any new
products become available. You will find a registration form at
the end of this document.

This program may not be sold in any form without the express
written consent of the author.


Image builder is a graphic utility for creating different
graphic images I.E icons, fonts, or just shapes for use in your
Quickbasic programs. All images created and saved may be reloaded
and modified. The documentation presented here has been kept
brief and just provides as an overview (Image builder has built
in help to guide you through any problems). I do recommend you
read through this documentation as it does explain some of the
functionality of the program.

When you first start Image builder you will be presented with
a large grid pattern. A smaller box in the upper right hand
corner will display the actual image to be saved. Under that will
be the current color that you have selected. (Default at startup
is black). Below that is the color selection list and a function
key/help option panel. Using the arrow keys and spacebar (mouse
is optional) you can move around the larger grid to turn on/off
selected color combinations. As you do this, the actual image in
the smaller box will be created for you. The options available
are processed through pfkeys and they are as follows (From screen
1, Main screen).

PF1 - Help For this screen.
PF2 - Change Color Select new color to plot.
PF3 - Change Background Changes the background color
Note: be careful with this one, if
a color in your image is red and
you change the background color.
to red, you may blend the these

PF4 - Toggle Mouse This option only available when a
mouse has been loaded.
PF5 - Utilities New Menu -
PF1 - Help For utilities.
PF2 - Clear Clear entire screen to current
background color.
PF3 - Display This will display your image
by itself on another page.
Return to previous menu.
PF10- Save / Exit New Menu -
PF1 - Help For Save / Exit.
PF2 - Save Save your image to disk
(see below)
PF3 - Load Reload your saved image
(see below)
PF4 - Exit Exit program.
Return to previous menu.

Notes on saving and restoring.

Once your image has been created you can save your image to
disk. Selecting the save option will display a yellow box around
the entire grid. You can change the size of this box by using the
arrow keys in combination with the spacebar. Only the image
inside this box will be saved. There are 2 formats for saving
your image. These 2 formats can be together or individually. When
saving your image you will be prompted for a filename. The file
name can be up to 8 characters in length. If you save your image
in source format you will also be prompted for the array name,
also to up 8 characters in length.


1) Quickbasic BSAVE format
Saving your image in BSAVE format will allow you to retrieve

your image using Quickbasic BLOAD command.

2) Quickbasic Source format
Saving your image in source format saves your image in the
form of a hard coded array
DIM image% (3)
image%(1) = 5 : image%(2) = -87 : image%(3) = 0 ...

The basic program will have the DIM name and size set up for
you and will be ready to be compiled to display your image. To
use the image in a program you should copy the example in your
program and make any needed modifications.

Any image that is saved in BSAVE format may be reloaded into

Thank you for trying IMAGE BUILDER and remember to support
SHAREWARE! There are many great programs already available and
many more to be written, but only with your support can we keep
software costs down.


Ver 1.0 - Completed Imagebuilder for own use.

Ver 1.1 - Initial version release.
A few bugs minor bugs resolved.

Ver 1.2 - Cleaned up bug that that erased Verion # from screen.
Modified input prompts for File spec and Image variable
1) only 8 characters allowed for both.
2) allow modification to input, right and left arrow keys,
del and insert now work.


NAME _____________________________________

ADDRESS _____________________________________

CITY/ST _____________________________________

ZIP _____________________________________






Make checks payable to PAUL EGGERS.


Paul Eggers
473 Virginia Ave
Herndon, Va 22070

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