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DWArcs version 1.2 - Library for PowerBASIC 3.0a/2.1f that will read in file list data from within archives.

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DWArcs version 1.2 - Library for PowerBASIC
3.0a/2.1f that will read in file list data
from within archives. Archives supported:
ARC, ARJ, LZH, PAK, ZOO, and the new ZIP
2.04G! Extremely fast and easy to use!
DavisWARE - Written by James R. Davis!

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DWArcs version 1.2 – Library for PowerBASIC 3.0a/2.1f that will read in file list data from within archives.
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Contents of the DWARCS.DOC file

DWArcs version 1.2
Written by James R. Davis
(C) Copyright 1993 - All Rights Reserved

While writing a program one day I came across a need for reading in filenames
contained within archives. This PowerBASIC library is something I whipped up
in order to fulfill that need. It contains only 4 routines and one variable
but I'm sure you'll find this to be a very helpful addition to your PowerBASIC


You should find the following files in this archive:

DWADEMO.BAS - Demo source for using the library
DWARCS.DOC - This doc file
DWSRC.EXE - For registered users
DWARCS2F.PBU - PBU for PB 2.10f
DWARCS3A.PBU - PBU for PB 3.00a
DWARE.DOC - Complete list of DavisWARE available
FILE_ID.DIZ - Description file for BBS's
ORDER.FRM - Form for registering this program

If any of these files are missing, you can call my BBS the Programmer's
Mega-Source at (516) 737-4637 and get the latest version.

At this time, this library handles the following archive formats:

ARC - PKARC up to version 5.10
ARJ - ARJ up to version 2.39a BETA
LZH - LHARC up to version 1.13c
PAK - PKPAK up to version 2.51
ZIP - PKZIP up to version 2.04G
ZOO - ZOO up to version 2.1

If you find an archive format not supported here, let me know and I'll try to
work it into the next version.

The following PBU's included with this program are for the different
PowerBASIC versions:

DWARCS2F.PBU - For version 2.10f of PowerBASIC
DWARCS3A.PBU - For version 3.00a of PowerBASIC

A version for 3.00b of PowerBASIC will be released soon.

Now on to the library. See the demo program for actual program use and for
more extensive examples. There are 3 Functions, 1 Subroutine and 1 Variable
that this library can handle. Here's the descriptions:


Net% VARIABLE Set to non-zero if working on a remote terminal of a network
This variable when set to a non-zero number, will tell the rest of the
functions that the program is running on a remote terminal of a network.
This is accomplished simply by removing the drive letter from file names
specified. When you set this variable, routines within the library will
automatically do this for you. NOTE: You must declare this variable as PUBLIC
in your source code.

Syntax: Net% = -1


PRINT "Is this program running on a remote terminal of a network? (Y/n): ";
A$ = INPUT$(1)
A$ = UCASE$(A$)
IF A$ = "N" THEN
Net% = 0
Net% = -1

ArcFiles%() FUNCTION Returns number of files in an archive
This function will return the total number of files within the archive name
passed to it in File$. Will return -1 if archive file does not exist, -2 if
file is not an archive supported.

Syntax: A% = ArcFiles%(File$)

Where File$ = The file name with or without drive and path of the
archive you wish to get the information from.


A% = ArcFiles%(A$)
IF A% = -1 THEN
PRINT A$;" does not exist!"
PRINT A$;" is not supported!"
PRINT "There are ";LTRIM$(STR$(A%));" file(s) in ";A$

ArcDir$() FUNCTION Returns first/subsequent filenames in archive
This function acts like DIR$("*.*") in that it returns a the first filename
within the archive specified in File$. Any subsequent calls to this routine
will return the next filename found in the archive. ArcDir$ will return a
null string if the archive does not exist, is not a supported archive or the
last filename has been found in the archive.

Syntax: A$ = ArcDir$(File$)

Where File$ = Is the name with or without drive and path of the
archive in which to use.


A$ = ArcDir$(F$)
IF A$ = "" THEN
PRINT F$;" does not exist or is not supported!"
WHILE A$ <> ""
A$ = ArcDir$(F$)

ArcInfo() SUBROUTINE Returns specific data about file within an archive
This subroutine will search an archive for filename. If found the file's
date, time, size and compressed size will be returned. Otherwise, if not found, null
strings will be returned.

Syntax: CALL ArcInfo(File$,Arc$,FileDate$,FileTime$,FileSize$,CompSize$)

Where File$ = The archive filename to use, can contain a drive
and/or path. If filename does not exist or is not
supported, File$ will be set to a null string.
Arc$ = The file within the archive to get information for.
If Arc$ is not found, all stirngs will be set to
a null string. (eg: A$ = "") Must not contain a
drive or pathname.
FileDate$ = The file date of Arc$ in MM-DD-YY format
FileTime$ = The file time of Arc$ in HH:MMa format
FileSize$ = The actual file size before compression
CompSize$ = The file size after compression

Note: The file sizes are contained in strings to avoid having to
assign a specific variable type to the function. Use VAL() to
get the sizes into a variable after calling the subroutine.


FF$ = F$
CALL ArcInfo(FF$, A$, FD$, FT$, FS$, CS$)
IF FF$ = "" THEN
PRINT F$; " does not exist or is not supported!"
IF FD$ = "" THEN
PRINT A$; " does not exist in "; F$
PRINT A$, FS$, CS$, FD$; " "; FT$; " ";
PRINT USING$("###%", 100 - INT((100 / VAL(FS$)) * VAL(CS$)))

SearchArc%() FUNCTION Will search an archive for a specified filename
This function will allow you to search an archive for a specified filename.
If the filename was found in the archive, this function will return a non-zero
number, or 0 if the filename was not found. This function does not check to
see if the archive exists.

Syntax: A% = SearchArc%(File$, Search$)
Where File$ = The filename and/or drive and path fo the archive to
search. This function does not check to see if this
file exists.
Search$ = Is the filename to search for within the archive. If
it is found, a non-zero number is returned. If not,
0 is returned.


A% = SearchArc%(F$, A$)
PRINT A$; " exists within ";F$
PRINT A$; " does not exist within "; F$


Well, that about does it for the library... pretty simple right? Thought so.
If you find this library of use, and would like the source code, the
registration fee for this program is $15. Use the ORDER.FRM included with
this library to register this library for a license to use it in your
programs. If you have problems or questions about this library, call the
Programmer's Mega-Source BBS at (516) 737-4637. Have fun and keep on

-=> James "The Garf!" Davis! <=-

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