Dec 222017
VBX control add-ons for visual basic.
File VB4CTRLS.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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VBX control add-ons for visual basic.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
3DLABEL.VBX 10907 5864 deflated
CENTERDN.BMP 566 160 deflated
CENTERUP.BMP 566 154 deflated
HMETER.VBX 8732 4370 deflated
LABELTST.EXE 8646 2107 deflated
LABELTST.FRM 5486 1285 deflated
LABELTST.MAK 117 77 deflated
LEFTDN.BMP 566 162 deflated
LEFTUP.BMP 566 153 deflated
README.TXT 774 404 deflated
RIGHTDN.BMP 566 161 deflated
RIGHTUP.BMP 566 153 deflated
SPIN.VBX 10608 5209 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VMETER.VBX 8732 4426 deflated

Download File VB4CTRLS.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

These files included four design-mode custom controls. You can use them
in design or run-time mode.
You may copy and distribute these controls FREEly as long as you
include all files in an unaltered state.

YES!!! They are FREE! So enjoy it and have fun.
If you have any suggestions or complaints I would like to hear them from you
. Also if by any chance, you are one of those programmers who never feel
safe using other people's library without source code. Please send $20 to me
and specify the diskette type.

Jiang, Jeng Long
2250 Latham Stret, #23
Mountain View, CA 94040

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