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GRAPHUTI Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
#ST101.ZIP103080May 26 1993A screen capture program that will even capture SVGA screens. It will save the screens as GIF's or PCX's. Can capture screens that most can't.
19-FONTS.ZIP30389May 10 1988Font Manager and 19 fonts to be used with EGA/VGA monitors.
1VLS.ZIP65027May 4 1993VGA Clear Screen - replace DOS CLS command with choice of 22 different VGA screen effects.
29ROWS.ZIP3469Dec 30 1987Interesting little program that will allow 29 rows on a CGA. Works with DOS and some programs. Includes complete ASM source code.
2MON10.ZIP9436Mar 16 1992Utilities for dual-monitor systems: mono clock TSR, clear mono screen, make PrtSc copy from color to mono display. Includes .ASM source code.
7900BIOS.ZIP2369Dec 14 1992Information about the Genoa's 7000 series Super VGA board's BIOS.
85GIF.ZIP10591Feb 3 1988View GIFs on IBM 8514 monitor! Excellent!.
85MCLK.ZIP5507Mar 4 1993Genoa utility that helps if you are having a problem with the 8500 series. Plays with your memory refresh rate.
8X6.ZIP2062Dec 13 1986Display 80 x 60 with EGA.
96COL.ZIP7359Aug 6 1989This program offers 96 columns on an 80 column screen. It uses super fast processes and techniques to produce 96 columns in a standard 80 column IBM PC display. Includes Microsoft C source.
96COLS.ZIP7359Aug 6 1989Get 96 columns on a VGA screen. Works well with some programs.
ACADACC.ZIP153302Mar 30 1992ATI Graphic Accelerator Cards Drivers for ACAD 10/386 ACAD 11/386.
ACGA.ZIP4814Jan 12 1988Allows your Hercules or clone to emulate a CGA display adaptor.
ADVID105.ZIP37207Apr 12 1989Drivers to speed up BIOS screen writes. Great for DESQview!.
ALSCLOCK.ZIP36144Nov 11 1987Alsclock is a handy clock/calendar program for your PC.
ANSI-432.ZIP13789Jul 1 1988ANSI driver..supports EGA and VGA screens.
ANSI.ZIP17135Dec 21 1988PD ANSI driver from PC-Mag. Very good, can configure differently.
ANSI13L.ZIP42780Nov 17 1993ANSI.COM V1.3L - PC Mag's ANSI driver. Can be used in place of ANSI.SYS for improved performance.
ANSIPLUS.ZIP222787Jun 9 1992Advanced ANSI console control driver.
ANSISEQS.ZIP5312May 16 1987An excellent file containing all ANSI codes.
ANSITEST.ZIP9459Apr 4 1990Test for presence of ANSI screen/keyboard device driver. Includes full TC 2.0 source.
ANSI_ETC.ZIP18766Oct 24 1988Enhanced CON driver & dependent utilities.
APLUS400.ZIP377657Aug 29 1994AnsiPlus v4.00 - feature full ANSI driver for DOS v3-6. Even includes screen saving capabilities.
AQUATSR.ZIP125481Jun 18 1992Automatic screen saving program - display of aquarium.
ASCIIHEB.ZIP11732Mar 10 1991Filter for writing printable HEBREW letters to screen.
ATI-INST.ZIP105057Jul 12 1993ATI 8514-ULTRA installation and configuration utilities.
ATILOADR.ZIP49404Nov 5 1993This program is used to install ATI driver modules downloaded from the ATI BBS and Compuserve.
ATIVSOEM.ZIP2726Mar 19 1990File from ATI warning of the differences between its authorized products and the various OEM versions floating around.
AURORA.ZIP2050Mar 6 1986Set screen colors, background and foreground.
BACKSCR2.ZIP3132Apr 7 1985Resident backscroll utility.
BACKSCRL.ZIP7083Jan 25 1984Back scroll through previous screens. Great utility.
BIGCURSR.ZIP2792Dec 2 1986Change small line cursor to large block.
BIGT.ZIP3818May 15 1990TSR for sight impaired. Blows up text around the cursor into Big Type.
BIGTIMER.ZIP14772Aug 21 1989A Lab / Darkroom / Home timer with a very LARGE display. Great for lab use!.
BL12.ZIP4779Nov 10 1990BriteLine! v1.2 TSR cursor line highlighter.
BLANK12.ZIP9536Apr 27 1989Screen blanking utility with complete ASM source code.
BLANK51A.ZIP53794Mar 29 1992A good screen blanking program. Works with MGA, CGA, EGA, and VGA.
BLANKS41.ZIP55088Jan 1 1992Versatile screen blanker by de Monasterio. Also can set contrast on Seiko monitor, plus other features on registration.
BLAZE26.ZIP25431Jan 30 1992Blaze v2.6 is a VGA/MCGA screen saver. Very nice. Blaze now supports passwords and a decent level of customization. Excellent use of palette and color.
BLD2GIF.ZIP76809May 23 1988Builds GIF files from VGA screen.
BLINK.ZIP1031Oct 28 1986Change your cursor.
BLINK2.ZIP1420May 11 1986A little resident utility that attempts to simulate a non-blinking cursor
BLOCKCUR.ZIP7175Aug 28 1989Change small laptop cursor to large block cursor. Very handy.
BRNOT231.ZIP14804Apr 13 1989An excellent screen-blanking utility by Chris Dunford.
BROWSEPC.ZIP3079Oct 27 1986View documents a page at a time.
BRTLIN12.ZIP5322Oct 26 1991Highlight the line the cursor is on. Useful for laptops, notebooks or other computers with hard-to-read screens.
BUFFIT30.ZIP11262Apr 18 1991An excellent screen scroll utility. Allows you to review screens that have scrolled off the top. New version uses extended memory.
BURN0231.ZIP14804Apr 13 1989Blanks the screen after a period of inactivity determined by the user.
BWTSR.ZIP6137May 21 1991BWTSR. A laptop TSR utility that rewrites screen RAM with a white on black attribute and makes the screen visible again when wierd color combinations are displayed on a CGA.
BWVID.ZIP615Jul 20 1987Disables color for one color monitors.
C-BETA.ZIP27319Oct 12 1989Six dozen small utilities to clear your screen in colorful or clever ways: beta-test version.
CAMERA7.ZIP10744Dec 30 1987Update of the excellent Camera screen capture program.
CAPBF141.ZIP36247Jan 3 1993Utility to capture screen text to a file for later viewing and/or editing.
CCUR31.ZIP14232Dec 16 1988Counting Cursor. Cursor counts spaces as it move. Use for screen layout.
CDBEEP12.ZIP13116Jun 14 1991Display speaker beep visually on screen.
CDOS.ZIP1452Aug 22 1985Set color with a TSR so that the system ALWAYS displays your colors.
CECHO.ZIP28654Mar 20 1988Allows COLOR in BATch files.
CGAGREY.ZIP1181Jan 12 1990Makes composite monitors hooked to a CGA system display in greys.
CHAR3.ZIP8826Sep 10 1991AscII-Chart is a very small memory resident utility that will help you paste Ascii characters directly into your application, at the cursor position.
CHET.ZIP24505Jan 20 1987Nice EGA/VGA Font editor, works with UltraVision fonts.
CLAP.ZIP2301Mar 8 1989Improves your laptop cursor.
CLEARFNT.ZIP2798Sep 20 1990CLEARFONT -- Extra legible font for VGA monitors, makes the most of the 9 x 14 character size.
CLIPMONO.ZIP27956Nov 16 1993ClipMono is a Windows utility designed to capture Windows 3.1 data to a 2nd monochrome monitor. Only text data is copied.
CLOCK10.ZIP46374Feb 9 1993A neat little Clock Program using VGA Resolution 640x480.
CLOCK20.ZIP1781Jul 2 1990This TSR will place a clock on your screen. Very good.
CLOCKBH.ZIP47956Jan 13 1991A simple program that displays a clock on the screen, and provides the ability to set the DOS clock.
CLOCKBIG.ZIP21635May 9 1992A big-letter digital clock that displays continuous time on your PC screen.
CLRBLAK.ZIP2327Feb 25 1988Another way to clear screen.
CLX2A.ZIP1397Apr 30 1990Substitute for the DOS's cls command.
CMP.ZIP3213May 24 1986Cut and Paste Utility 6K TSR.
COLOR.ZIP5927Nov 21 1985Allows changing colors from DOS, nifty.
COLOR07.ZIP31787Jul 22 1988Set DOS colors via pop-up help screen or call via batch file.
COLOR33.ZIP1447Jul 7 1989Add color to DOS3.3 CLS Command.Neat!.
COLORAM.ZIP27855Jan 1 1980Check out color card's memory chips.
CONCOPY.ZIP5442Oct 12 1988Redirects a programs screen output to a file and the screen.
CONCPY11.ZIP4842Oct 12 1988Opposite of COPY CON -- DOS activity is saved to file as you see it onsc.
CRFIND.ZIP5214May 21 1991TSR for seeing hard to read laptop cursors. Flashes the cursor quite spasticly at full size when scroll lock is pressed.
CRT_SAV4.ZIP5189Mar 15 1988Screen Blanker, version 4. For CGA, EGA, VGA, etc..
CURS.ZIP653Sep 3 1986Restores original CGA cursor at DOS prompt.
CURSORS.ZIP857May 28 1988Handy programs that will enlarge the cursor on laptops.
CURSRPRO.ZIP8460Jul 18 1990Better Laptop Cursor -- This won't disrupt communications programs, and will stay active with all text based applications. It's in use by the Federal Government and businesses, with complete success.
CYLON.ZIP1109Aug 8 1986Change your cursor to this one..... kinda hypnotic!!!! Pretty neat!.
CYRILLIC.ZIP50530Jun 22 1989Cyrillic device drivers for MSDOS.
C_COLOR.ZIP5706Jun 30 1991Reset monitor for color mode (EGA/VGA). Includes TC source for various screen functions using interrupts.
DOORS2.ZIP8347Jan 16 1986Switch Mono-color monitor by software.
DPROM1.ZIP2085Jun 23 1991Several interesting DOS prompts that require ANSI.SYS.
DSCRNSAV.ZIP3597Jan 14 1990Dscrnsav is a screen saver program which works on CGA, MDA, HGA, EGA, and VGA display adapters in text as well as graphics modes.
DSSOLVE.ZIP1184Apr 24 1987Interesting new way to clear the screen. ASM source included.
DUKELT.ZIP123784Apr 3 1986Cyrillic Keyboard & Printer Driver - EGA Required.
DUMPY.ZIP9447Mar 3 1988Three programs that provide a very simple means of capturing screens from a running program and later replaying those screens in slideshow fashion.
EAJ22.ZIP37301Feb 4 1990EAJ is an animated character display generator, that takes a character file or input from a program and marches the characters across the screen.
ECHOWAVE.ZIP1139Dec 24 1993Test the speed of your screen display with this utility.
EGA2GIF.ZIP24338Aug 21 1987Dump EGA screens to GIF format.
EGA350.ZIP1751Mar 26 1988Allows VGA to use 350 or 400 Lines of resolution for text.
EGACOLRS.ZIP10064May 26 1988Display all EGA 64 colors on screen at once with C source.
EGACUR.ZIP1270May 3 1987Solves the EGA Bug which loses the cursor in 43 line mode.
EGAFIXER.ZIP11188Jul 3 1986Will try to patch EGA programs so they run on a CGA. Pascal source.
EGAFON.ZIP70025Dec 29 1987EGA Font editor and fonts.
EGASAV5.ZIP3390Apr 1 1988Screen saver for EGA and VGA screens.
EGA_PAGE.ZIP6688Feb 20 1989List text file, recall page in 43 line mode.(for EGA).
ERASORS.ZIP3083Mar 30 1988Five separate clear screen methods.
ET4_VESA.ZIP2288Apr 11 1991Latest VESA Video Driver for cards with the popular Tseng-4000 chip.
EXPLOGO.ZIP84729Nov 2 1992Explosiv Logo 1.0 allows you to create your own DOS and/or Windows screen saver from any 16-color GIF image. Requires VGA or EGA. Shareware ($20) from Hook & Gresseth.
EXPLOSV3.ZIP204685May 27 1993Explosive Screen Saver 3.00 features both a DOS and a Windows screen saver with beautiful fireworks patterns and fractal designs. Easy-to-use interface; compatible with all major graphics cards.
EXPLS.ZIP9139May 10 1990Screen saver for all formats, VGA, EGA, CGA, and MGA.
FAKEVGA.ZIP1953Dec 22 1988Allows some software to think a VGA is present. Useful for vidio cards like the Zenith 449. ASM source is included.
FASTDUMP.ZIP14259May 13 1990FastDump is a general text and graphics screen dump TSR which supports almost all displays and HP LaserJet printers.
FASTGIF.ZIP28993Nov 7 1987Displays GIF (graphic interchange format) files.
FASTPRT.ZIP2847Feb 9 1985Fast video writes.
FASTSCRN.ZIP8276Jun 27 1986Manage timing of screen display.
FC301K#1.ZIP301019Oct 4 1991Fansi-Console v. 3.00 & 3.01. Now shareware since 4.0 is out. Registered users of 2.x need not reregister. Super console program plus useful utilities. File 1 of 2.
FC301K#2.ZIP309481Oct 4 1991Fansi-Console 3.00 / 3.01 file 2 of 2.
FCONSUPP.ZIP52771Aug 20 1986Utilities for FCON117D.
FDOTS13.ZIP29056Mar 10 1992Fire-Dots v1.3 VGA fireworks screen saver. Configurable (even more so than the last version). Simulates dud, splitters, etc. Suggested for use on 286's and better.
FFLASHER.ZIP25797Jan 3 1990Screen saver with password and optional message display.
FIXATI.ZIP1445Apr 6 1988Patch for problem w/ ATI Wonder Board.
FIXATI1.ZIP1545Jun 3 1989Fixes Bug in ATI EGA Bios v3.03 - Returning wrong DCC code index.
FLAG.ZIP320Feb 14 1989Turn your prompt into an American Flag, with blue background (req Ansi).
FLIKFREE.ZIP20429Feb 1 1988Speed up display updates and remove flickering with some programs.
FLIP.ZIP2930Oct 28 1986Flips the screen upside down after x seconds. Nice joke!.
FMAN23.ZIP85069Oct 4 1992FONT MANIA is designed for editing EGA and VGA fonts with ease.
FONT130.ZIP130517Aug 28 1993FONTASTIC v1.30 - Fonts for ASCII and ANSI applications.
FONTMS11.ZIP44139Jan 20 1990VGA screen fonts manager. Allows you to pick and choose fonts.
FONTPA.ZIP39427Mar 1 1989A set of fonts for Autocad.
FRCSAV.ZIP16804Aug 18 1991FractalSave is a TSR screen saver utility based on the popular FractalWeave shareware program.
FREAK1.ZIP27433Jun 3 1993Freak Version 1.25 - replacement for boring DOS CLS command.
FUNFONT.ZIP2295May 23 1989An interesting and fun font for VGA.
GEMCAP41.ZIP12747Nov 30 1990Very nice TSR that dumps screen images to GEM .IMG files.
GEO120.ZIP73450Oct 29 1992GeoSave EGA/VGA screen-saver. V1.2, Small geometric patterns and images float around the screen. Supports password, includes editor to create your own images, configurable.
GEOLIB1.ZIP13143Nov 3 1992Library pack #1 for GeoSave screen-saver. Includes new images and data files for GeoSave.
GEOTSR.ZIP10099Sep 18 1992Make Geoclock program a screen-saver with this TSR.
GIFBAC.ZIP12149Sep 30 1988Copies GIF files to A drive and creates a library of info (size, colors.
GIFINFO.ZIP24365Mar 15 1991Collection of info files on the GIF compression file formate.
GRAB415.ZIP10365Jan 31 1993TSR Screen grabber.
GRABTEXT.ZIP7577Apr 12 1991A Mouse Cut-And-Paste Utility for your PC.
GREY.ZIP21674Nov 17 1987Read GIF formatted files with HERCULES or CGA!!.
GSPEED.ZIP71449Apr 26 1990G_SPEED graphics speed tester for your PC, includes listing of results from local members. How does your computer stack up?.
HCLOCK.ZIP24007Nov 24 1988Large digit HERCULES clock.
HDILOAD.ZIP26510Oct 20 1992New HDILOAD.EXE for ATI Ultra/Graphics Ultra boards.
HELPSCR.ZIP19946Dec 14 1987Creates pop up help or reference screens of the user's choice and design.
HERC4390.ZIP17153Mar 22 198743 line by 90 character directory on Hercules mono cards with source.
HEREIAM.ZIP2211Sep 2 1990Simple porgram that helps locate the cursor on a laptop.
HGCIBM.ZIP18461Jun 24 1987Latest HGCIBM - CGA on MONO emulator - better now than SIMCGA 2.0.
HICLRTST.ZIP15932Nov 10 1991Test you Sierra HiColor chip and display a color chart of all 32k worth of colors.
HPGLVU10.ZIP73122Apr 22 1991HPGLVIEW - A Screen Previewer for HPGL Plot files.
HPRTSC.ZIP6285Aug 19 1987Print Hercules Graphics Screens.
IM.ZIP40953Jan 20 1991Inner mission is a program which occupies the video monitor with a relaxing view of stars floating past. Will act as a screen saver.
IMCAP.ZIP47106Jul 9 1986Graphics Screen Capyure Utility - This one really works good.
IMPL17.ZIP28358May 25 1993Implode Version 1.55 - replacment for boring DOS CLS command.
KSCOPE11.ZIP3434Jan 29 1988Echo util, video modes w/o ANSI.SYS.
LCOL.ZIP7382Nov 23 1990Use this to change any of the 16 DOS colors to be any of the 200000+ colors supported by VGA cards.
LOOK120.ZIP18210Jun 3 1987Experimental 120 column browse-like program CGA required.
M32W32.ZIP649053Nov 5 1993Mach32 Windows drivers & utils (MUST HAVE LOADER.ZIP!!!).
MAGIC123.ZIP111807Oct 3 1991Magic v1.23 - TSR to toggle normal/magnification view of text and/or graphics.
MELT.ZIP553Apr 23 1987Nice way to clear your screen!.
MEMORY.ZIP2803Jul 23 1985Color graphic memory tester.
MONITOR!.ZIP3677Oct 15 19895 .COM files to choose from: each puts a different phony monitor problem: wavy lines, scrolling junk, etc. Use as a gag, or to keep prying fingers away from your keyboard.
MOUSE107.ZIP13347Feb 9 1990ATI VGAWonder Mouse Driver (Ver 1.07). Replaces mouse driver on VDSK1105.ZIP.
MSS15.ZIP41620Jan 10 1992User defined message left by a screen saver.
MSTRFONT.ZIP44241Jan 20 1990EGA/VGA Fonts with TSR loader.
NAB20.ZIP15298Nov 30 1992Nabbit (2.0) Grab info off text screens and put it into a file OR send it to your printer to print envelopes, labels, or selective screen dumps OR re- insert it into another application just as though you were typing in t
NANSI31U.ZIP17500May 4 1991Replacement for ANSI.SYS - Very nice.
NNANS992.ZIP64589Sep 7 1992Super ANSI.SYS replacement based on NANSI.SYS. Faster, 43/50 line support, COM file, many improvements. Sep 1992 version.
NOBLNK10.ZIP9858Feb 5 1993Turns off the blinking attribute in text mode.
NOSHOW.ZIP705Nov 3 1985Screen blanker..command driven..not time.
NOYB.ZIP4854Jul 18 1986Quick Screen blanker. Memory resident.
NOYB11.ZIP6193Feb 14 1987Clears screen and restores it with two-key combo, good for security.
NUCOLOR.ZIP3673May 29 1990Quick and easy set screen FG and BG colors.
NUMLOC.ZIP11968Jan 1 1980Keyboard handler to switch between character set. Prototype.
PALET.ZIP11318Feb 14 1988TSR that allows you to easily change an EGA's internal registers.
PALETPOP.ZIP27159Oct 1 1988TSR to change any color on the screen - EGA/VGA.
PALETTE.ZIP11088Oct 6 1987Improved versdion PC-Magazine SPECTRUM.
PASTE23.ZIP16581Jun 9 1989Cut text from any screen and paste into any application or save to a file.
PCCOLOR.ZIP15050Mar 8 1986Set foreground, background, and border colors on VGA.
PCPG-GRA.ZIP132287Feb 28 1984Create graphic screens.
PHOTO.ZIP4565Oct 20 1987Takes pictures of anything, games, bbs screens.. Memory Resident (very g.
PICT.ZIP4060Jan 2 1980Make demos or presentations from screen images (GOOD!!!).
PLUCK2.ZIP5151Apr 17 1990PLUCK is a tiny (well under 2 Kb) TSR that can get copy lines from the current CRT display and then paste it into a file, printer, or another program.
POST-IT2.ZIP5981May 15 1989Copies the present screen on to alternate monitor - Must have Mono/CGA.
PP111.ZIP84053Dec 13 1993Precise Point v1.11 -- TSR turns DOS block style mouse cursor into smooth graphical pointer.
PRISM.ZIP314530Nov 18 1990Easily change your default text color in most programs. 256,000 colors.
PRO116.ZIP19719Jul 7 1991Design DOS prompts using ANSI sequences.
PUSHPOP.ZIP2935Jan 1 1980Push screen to file-pop file to screen.
QCRT11.ZIP6634May 28 1989Excellent screen speedup utility, the latest and greatest.
QUAD141.ZIP27444Nov 4 1992QuadEase Version 1.41 - a spectacular VGA screensaver with excellent animation and palette-changing effects. Completely configurable from number of lines, animation speed, palette-changing speed, to a password option.
QUICKCRT.ZIP4724Jul 25 1986Speeds up crt display.
QUIKTUBE.ZIP10063Feb 3 1988Speed up screen displays.
QUIXX242.ZIP12091Nov 17 1991Screen Saver Program. Works with most graphic adapters.
RAM4EGA1.ZIP1468Apr 2 1988This Device Driver will relocate EGA ROM at Address C000:0000 to RAM, and fix up the vector table to point to the "Shadow RAM". This will be of benefit to 16 and 32 bit machines (80286/80386).
RAMFONTS.ZIP58225May 17 1989Program to load HERC 4K Ramfont font files.
RCLOCK.ZIP4707Jun 12 1987Resident Clock TSR, rather small. With C source code.
RE-VIEW.ZIP5296Oct 5 1985Saves screen in buffer so you can scroll back lost info.
RF3270.ZIP5627Jan 14 1988Change resident font to 3270-like font on EGA/VGA monitors.
SAVESCRN.ZIP1692Feb 13 1985Timed screen blanker (1-9 min.).
SAVEVGA.ZIP4809Mar 7 1991Three utilities for VGA programmers, small, quick & simple. They are PrtSc TSR's that save the DAC palette, a mode 13h or mode 03h screen in memory-image format. Commented ASM source code included.
SCADJ2.ZIP1408Oct 23 1989Aid for adjusting color contrast on monochrome screens.
SCAP225.ZIP32676Sep 14 1990TSR Screen Capture Utility Program.
SCOPE33.ZIP16275Nov 12 1993SCOPE V3.3 is a kaleidoscope type of screen save program designed for any type of monitor from hercules to SVGA.
SCREDIT.ZIP17191Oct 28 1986Screen image editor & utils.
SCRLIT17.ZIP39933May 30 1993SCROLLit 1.7 Scrollback buffer utility. Lets you scroll back, in full color, through lines of text that have scrolled off the screen. Features searching, block-writing, and a unique compression technique that squeezes more
SCRN.ZIP11045Feb 8 1989Set screen foreground, background colors from command line.
SCRN2DSK.ZIP2759Jun 12 1986Capture text screen to disk file.
SCRNBLNK.ZIP4448Feb 13 1987Screen blank device driver.
SCRNMSG.ZIP28995Dec 24 1991Screen Blanker that displays a user specified message.
SCRNSA11.ZIP3827Dec 17 1989This is a simple screen saver program for MDA, CGA, and EGA.
SCRNSAV3.ZIP2125Jul 23 1986Resident screen-blanking routine.
SCRNSH01.ZIP14922Feb 21 1990ScreenShot is a TSR program that captures text or graphics screens.
SCRNSWAP.ZIP1048May 15 1987A Screen swapping utility for DOS, for use with two monitors.
SCSV44.ZIP26121May 15 1990Screen Saver is a utility designed to "shut off" the video image produced by your monitor during idle periods.
SETUP1.ZIP34087Sep 27 1990Program to help technically inclined to adjust EGA/VGA monitor scan guns.
SETV20.ZIP4157Apr 11 1991A utility to set video text modes.
SETVID.ZIP1629Jun 14 1986Allows Non-EGA programs work on EGA.
SHOME331.ZIP152208Jan 1 1993Screensaver has 40 diferent animated screens and has password securty.
SHOWCLK.ZIP1481May 28 1987Display time in the upper right hand corner of screen.
SIMCGA41.ZIP13594Oct 15 1987Version 4.1 of this CGA-emulator for Hercules Graphics cards.
SIZEIT.ZIP3363Apr 27 1987TSR ruler measures horiz & vert screen inches.
SMODE.ZIP16709May 22 1988This set of programs allow most applications to use 43-line EGA or 50-line VGA text modes. With source code and notes.
SNAP10.ZIP30401Dec 15 1993SNAPSHOT v1.0 - A "clipboard" like DOS program that takes electronic snapshots of screen areas to be automatically typed back later. Cross application CUT & PASTE.
SNAP11.ZIP42308Mar 29 1988Snapshot program to create .gif files.
SNAPSHOT.ZIP1587May 2 1986Takes a snapshot of a screen and saves it to disk. Like a screendump.
SNIP24.ZIP18953Jun 30 1991A TSR that allows you to "snip" a portion of the screen and redirect it to the printer, a disk, or to the keyboard buffer. Includes ASM source. Now supports a mouse.
SNOP11.ZIP5046Jul 19 1990Capture and redisplay CGA screens. Includes documented ASM source.
SOS310.ZIP13749Feb 9 1990SoS (Save-Our-Screens) is a TSR program that allows you to save and restore text screens to memory and disk.
SPARKS.ZIP4952Oct 12 1991A simple EGA/VGA screen blanker. Turns off screen after specified period.
SPDCRT.ZIP5807Aug 27 1988SPEED is a small resident program that replaces the BIOS coding for a number of Video I/O calls which speeds up screen display.
SPLIT.ZIP888Oct 7 1984Clears screen by spliting it.
SPLITS1.ZIP3784Jul 18 19898 different ways to clear the screen (with demo program).
SS101.ZIP23052Jun 9 1992Screensaver and password protection program.
SS3.ZIP4240Aug 5 1987Screen blanking utility, easy to use.
SS30.ZIP332388Jun 25 1992Screen saver - shows various scenes.
ST101.ZIP67381May 26 1993SCREEN Thief is a screen capture program that will capture the screens other programs cannot reach.
ST150.ZIP124103Sep 26 1993Excellent screen capture utility. Works from DOS command line. Saves files in several graphics formats. Adjustable hotkey.
STARFLYT.ZIP1635Feb 17 1987Instructions to make EA's STARFLIGHT EGA-compatible.
STBVID.ZIP1377Oct 17 1994This is a TSR fixing the blank video problem which occurs when trying to run FPS Football Pro with certain video cards (specifically the Diamond Stealth 32 VLB). Run this before starting FBPRO.
STL_200.ZIP715511Oct 26 1993Diamond drivers for Stealth 24 video cards, version 2.0.
SVGA-CSS.ZIP227659Dec 6 1992SuperVGA screen saver - 256 color.
SVGA256.ZIP39783Oct 14 1990256 VGA color screen blanker setable modes for vga card.
SVGAT303.ZIP59187May 30 1993Utility to id your video card and tell what it will handle.
SWAPDIS.ZIP1287May 13 1993Switches between CO80 and MONO; designed for two display systems.
SWITCH.ZIP1351Nov 13 1989Neat little program to switch between monochrome and color display.
SYMETRY.ZIP1721Mar 10 1988The Archives Window Symmetry is a program that demonstrates the beauty of 2-dimensional windows forming random symmetrical patterns.
SYSREQ.ZIP2617Jan 1 1980Use sysreq key as screen scroll halt.
TARGET3.ZIP20513Apr 4 1988EGA/VGA screen alignment and colours test.
TEXTMODE.ZIP32841Jan 21 1993A nice little utility to change video modes to various hardware specific and strange video resolutions, also finds all available modes on your system.
THECLOCK.ZIP3954Mar 1 1986Another clock for the upper right hand corner of the screen.
THEFAST6.ZIP2899Sep 15 1989Speed up BIOS screen writes. From the makers of TheDraw.
TN067.ZIP2217Apr 14 1993ATI graphics +/Pro Technical Note No. 67 - Memory Aperture configuration issues.
TN069.ZIP2986Apr 14 1993ATI Graphics Plus/Pro technical notes on using memory managers.
TOTCAP.ZIP88440May 7 1990TSR screen capture utility that works for all video modes.
TSENG.ZIP5303Jan 18 1994Info on the Tseng ET4000 chipset.
TSHOT21.ZIP25337Aug 31 1992Textshot is a pop-up TSR program requiring 20k memory. It saves images of any 80-column text screen to monochrome .PCX-format files.
TSTPAL.ZIP25812Feb 3 1990Display any 16 of the 64 EGA colors, scrolling through the color table. Turbo C 2.0 source included.
TWINTUBE.ZIP3862Jul 24 1985Utilities for Dual Monitor Systems.
TXT2PCX.ZIP9736Jan 18 1991TXT2PCX.COM is a TSR which will convert any text screen to a graphics screen and save that graphics screen as a PCX file.
U-FONT30.ZIP49500Dec 13 1991ULTRAFONT is a program that allows you to create your own fonts to use in the DOS environment, other software, and even in your own programs.
UNIVBE43.ZIP59732Jun 3 1994The Universal VESA VBE is a small Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program that extends the video BIOS of SuperVGA video cards to make them compatible with the Video Electonics Standards Association (VESA) recommended Vid
UVESA32.ZIP21552Mar 26 1993Universal VESA interface video driver. Solves problems reading graphics files with Genoa card.
VANSI.ZIP20276Nov 22 1989An ANSI driver for VGA systems. Includes ASM changes made to NANSI by Chris Dunford. Works great.
VCLOCK14.ZIP17718Sep 15 1991TSR configurable clock. With ASM source code. By Tom Hanlin.
VCONFIG.ZIP13745Apr 2 1990This file will print all video information on all available modes.
VEGAANSI.ZIP1644Dec 18 1987Ansi from VEGA VGA for extended EGA modes.
VESADRIV.ZIP76993Oct 23 1992Generic resident utilities to make most video cards VESA compliant. Support for virtually any card.
VESA_ATI.ZIP3320Aug 8 1990Driver for ATI VGA Wonder to make it fully compatible with the new VESA Super-VGA standards.
VFLIP.ZIP44042Aug 27 1989VFLIP is a TSR utility that gives the user instant control of numerous features of the Hercules Graphics Card Plus and the Hercules InColor Card.
VFONT436.ZIP6026Mar 28 1989Change your Standard VGA font to Script/Modern/Scrawl.
VFONTS.ZIP41932Jul 18 1991Collection Of Self-loading VGA Screen Fonts.
VGA256.ZIP9300Feb 3 1989A BGI driver for the Orchard Designer VGA. Supports 256 colors.
VGA2EGA.ZIP115054Aug 17 1988Allows VGA screens to be viewed on an EGA monitor.
VGA2GIF.ZIP10391Jul 31 1988Allows capturing VGA screens, and converting them to GIF files.
VGA50.ZIP1007Jul 25 198950 lines on VGA for Word Perfect and others. Won't work with 1-2-3.
VGACHALL.ZIP8223Jan 27 1988Paradise's test VGA compatibility.
VGACLR31.ZIP30722Nov 7 1991Nice clear screen with color customization for VGA.
VGACOLOR.ZIP22051Jan 4 1988Changes VGA palette.
VGADIM.ZIP6365Oct 25 1989TSR VGA screen blanker and speaker silencer.
VGADISK.ZIP7769Mar 21 1991Turn your VGA card's graphic memory into a ramdisk when you are not using a grpahics mode. Includes program to save image of ramdisk to hard disk.
VGADOC3.ZIP291943Jan 19 1994Docs on (S)VGA programming.
VGAFONT.ZIP3036Nov 8 1988Display video text in sans serif on VGA monitor.
VGAFONTS.ZIP58738Jan 12 1991Fonts for VGA text modes.
VGAGS.ZIP1658Jul 22 1989Causes a color VGA system to emulate a BW VGA system.
VGAMOD.ZIP6044Sep 21 1990TSR program to allow modified fonts for EGA or VGA screen. Includes .ASM source code.
VGASAVE.ZIP3348Jan 17 1988Blanks VGA screens.
VGASCRSV.ZIP5635Jan 25 1988Screen Save of 320 X 200 X 256 VGA graphics mode.
VGATEST.ZIP40312Nov 8 1988PC Tech Journal VGA compatibility tests.
VGAUTIL.ZIP130340Sep 9 1992Update ATI Wonder VGA card monitor selection and mouse driver.
VGA_PAL.ZIP10357Sep 9 1990VGA_PAL is a program to view and set VGA/MCGA palette registers. This allows you to change any of the colors displayed on your monitor. Includes C source code.
VIBM110A.ZIP3786Aug 23 1988IBM Video Fossil, version 1.1.
VIBM110B.ZIP12174Aug 23 1988Source to IBM video fossil (VIBM110A.ZIP).
VIDEO-ID.ZIP8391Dec 19 1991Program to identify Video Board and chip mfg.
VIDEOID.ZIP10333Oct 12 1988Indentifies type of video card being used in a system.
VIDSAV.ZIP15212Mar 10 1990Screen Saver is a TSR that blanks the screen after a period of inactivity determined by the user. Displays a moving clock when the screen is blanked.
VIDTYP14.ZIP26044Feb 26 1990VIDTYPE is a utility that detects the type of video adaptor, row and column mode, and system that you are using and automatically sets up DOS environment variables or an errorlevel.
VISYNC.ZIP3386Jun 5 1989Changes the scan rate of your PS/2's monitor for video and photographic applications.
VIZ423.ZIP74967Feb 24 1992VIZ is a small resident program that accelerates BIOS (and DOS) video input and output in text mode. Works with MDA, CGA, EGA or VGA, and Hercules HGC and HGC+ cards.
VMODE!13.ZIP10162Mar 26 1991Sets the video mode or displays what the current video mode is. A replacement for the DOS MODE command. Includes ASM source code.
VMODE1.ZIP7099Jul 7 1986Good program to change between CGA and EGA video modes.
VMODES.ZIP1261Jul 19 1991Set VGA monitor to 25, 28, 43, or 50 line modes.
VMOIRE18.ZIP24118Mar 30 1992A text mode screen saver which saves the text display and draws a pretty, moving graphic design on the screen.
VPR200.ZIP633200Oct 15 1993Diamond Viper VLB drivers version 2.0. Straight from Diamond BBS.
VPRM204.ZIP42523Jan 17 1994Diamond Viper VESA driver that works with MS Flight Sim. 5.
VPT415.ZIP26410Dec 29 1991Video Pallette Tool - set any color on a VGA monitor.
VV214.ZIP15779Apr 7 1993Update VESA driver 2.14 for ATI cards (mach32, etc). Supports hi-res 16 bit.
VV221.ZIP17141Aug 10 1993Latest Vesa driver for the ATI MACH32 VLB card (November 1993).
VV222.ZIP17274Oct 22 1993Mach32 VESA drivers, version 2.22.
VWFONT13.ZIP34403Aug 27 1989Onscreen FONT Viewer for Turbo C (Uses Turbo C Graphics). Includes full Turbo C source code.
WAITASEC.ZIP6278Oct 28 1985Scroll Back to Lost Screens in Dos.
WAS062.ZIP47993Oct 14 1990TSR backscroll utility - Uses expanded memory. Source code is included.
XCLOCK.ZIP3954Mar 1 1986Puts a clock on upper right corner. Works with CGA also!.
XGAV211.ZIP1031532Nov 24 1993The latest XGA drivers for DOS, WIN, ACAD, etc. from IBM.
ZACKIN.ZIP79832Jul 12 1985Enhanced console driver from Byte.
ZANSI12.ZIP21343Jul 2 1987Fancy Ansi screen control.
ZAPSCRN.ZIP9183Dec 15 1988EGA/VGA Screen Blanker-Variable Time-Turn on/off.
ZENO25.ZIP10555Jan 19 1990Very nice small TSR that speeds up screen output. Increases AMI 386SX BIOS writes up to 10 times. ASM source included.