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TSR VGA screen blanker and speaker silencer.
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TSR VGA screen blanker and speaker silencer.
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VgaDim/2 v1.03

------------------------- COPYRIGHT NOTICE ------------------------------

Copyright (c) by: Expert Systems Corp., 1988.
All rights reserved. This program may not be
sold, copied, duplicated, or altered without
prior written approval of Expert Systems Corp.

---------------------------- LICENSING --------------------------------

VgaDim/2 is a shareware program, meaning that
it is licensed only for a private, non-profit
use. Any commercial use or re-selling of this
program constitutes a violation of applicable
copyright laws and will be prosecuted as such.

You can freely distribute VgaDim/2, provided
that ALL of the following conditions are met:
1. This notice text accompanies the program,
2. The program is not altered in any way,
3. Absolutely no fee is charged for VgaDim/2,
4. Program will not be used in any for-profit
activity (commerce or business).

For commercial licences, please call or write:

phone: (312) 944-3510

Expert Systems Corp.
441 E. Erie St., Suite 2612
Chicago, IL 60611

--------------------------- DESCRIPTION ------------------------------

1. Introduction.

VgaDim/2 blanks the screen at a preset interval
after the keyboard or mouse use. This prolonges
PC monitor life and conserves electrical energy.
To restore the screen, simply touch any key or
left mouse button. Since this keystroke will be
passed to a currently active program, pressing
a non-echo key, such as Ctrl, Alt, Shift, etc..
is generally safer than pressing letter keys.

2. Dim-switch.

The screen can also be blanked immediately upon
pressing the dim-switch key combination (default
Ctrl+Scroll Lock). Once the dim-switch is used,
only the same keys (i.e. Ctrl+Scroll Lock) will
restore the screen. The dim-switch keys can be
changed and set to any combination of two or
more keys (see parameters /C and /K below).

3. Speaker silencing.

VgaDim/2 also silences the PC or PS/2 speaker,
turning annoying BeeeeeeeeePs into short chirps.
Since all the features can be switched on and
off, you can set VgaDim/2 to do only silencing.

--------------------------- REQUIREMENTS -----------------------------

1. Memory requirements.

VgaDim/2 is a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR)
program that remains in the memory, until it is
explicitly removed (or computer is turned off.)
VgaDim/2 occupies only 704 bytes of the memory
(0.7 KB) and can be removed from memory anytime.

2. Monitors/video modes supported.

The blanking works regardless of the video mode,
and does not cause loss of data since no saving,
changing or restoring of screen buffers is done.
While it is tested only with IBM VGA monitors,
it should work with any VGA compatible monitor.

3. Coexistence/removal.

VgaDim/2 will coexist with any properly written
TSR program that passes control to old vectors.
It can be removed from the memory provided that
no other TSR program loaded after VgaDim/2 is
still using same interrupt vectors (08 and 09).


VgaDim/2 does not support MS-Windows and should
be removed from memory prior to starting any
Windows application.
To accomplish this, edit the batch file used
to start MS Windows or a Windows application:
1) insert as the first line:
2) insert as the last line:
This will remove VgaDim/2 from memory and reload
it upon the completion of a Windows application.

---------------------------- OPERATION --------------------------------

1. Starting VgaDim/2:

To start VgaDim/2, simply enter 'VGADIM' on
the command line or in your AUTOEXEC.BAT.
You can optionally change default parameters
(see Parameters section below).

2. Stopping VgaDim/2:

To stop (uninstall) VgaDim/2, enter 'VGADIM /U'.

3. In case of problems.

In case you cannot unload VgaDim/2, or it does
not work properly, simply load VgaDim/2 last.
VgaDim/2 parameters can be changed at any time,
regardless of any other TSR programs active.

VgaDim/2 is tested on IBM PS/2 mod. 70 and 80,
with OS/2 1.0 - 1.2, DOS 3.3 - 4.01, Sidekick,
Ventura, Pacman, and many other programs.
However, if you experience a problem or have a
suggestion for improvements, please call:

Leo E. Ramic, phone (312) 944-3510, 9-5pm CST.

---------------------------- PARAMETERS -------------------------------

Command line switches/parameters (can be changed anytime):

/B[+|-] /C[m] /D[+|-] /H /K[s] /M[+|-] /Q /S[+|-] /T[n] /U

Syntax: A slash must precede a switch, with at least one
blank space between switches. No space is allowed
between a switch and its parameter value.

Params: + means 'Yes', 'On', - (minus) means 'No', 'Off'.

Switch Explanation Default

/B[+|-] Silence the speaker (short beep) /B+

/C[m] Set control key bit-mask to 'm'. /C4
Refer to the Operation Manual (available =Ctrl key
to registered users) for details on how
to set the control key to another key.

/D[+|-] Dim the screen after interval /T since /B+
last keyboard or mouse action; or when
the dim-switch keys are pressed. NOTE:
/D- turns blanking off and leaves only
the speaker silencing feature active.

/H Show help screen only (no execution)

/K[s] Set dim-switch key to scan code 's'. /K70
Refer to the Operation Manual (available =ScrollLock
to registered users) for details on how
to set the dim-switch key to another key.

/M[+|-] Scan if left mouse button pressed /M+

/Q Inquire about current working parameters

/T[n] Set interval to n seconds (n is limited /T180
to minimum 3 and maximum 3600 sec.)

/U Unload (stop and remove from memory)

------------------------- THANK YOU NOTE ------------------------------

If you find VgaDim/2 valuable to you, express
your gratitude via a $ 15.00 check payable to:

Expert Systems Corp.
441 E. Erie St., Suite 2612
Chicago, IL 60611

This will entitle you to the documentation and
future updates and enhancements.

The source code for this example of a properly
written TSR program utilizing timer, keyboard,
mouse and speaker interrupts is also available
for $ 50.00.


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