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Change your cursor to this one..... kinda hypnotic!!!! Pretty neat!.
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Change your cursor to this one….. kinda hypnotic!!!! Pretty neat!.
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Contents of the CYLON.DOC file

CYLON, even as small as it is, is an interesting cursor altering
program. It is really mesmerizing...even now as I type this .DOC
file I find it hard to keep my eyes off of the animated cursor.
With CYLON.COM in a PATH directory, just add the word CYLON to
your AUTOEXEC.BAT file (after PATH is established) or you can just
type CYLON at any time.
I found an interesting (and pleasing) side effect of CYLON when
used in conjunction with DoubleDOS. If you install CYLON in either
the TOP or BOTTOM of the DD memory partitions, but not both, and
you are operating on the opposite side of the memory partition where
CYLON was installed, CYLON will all of a sudden be active on your side
of the partition if a program starts running on the CYLON-activated
Actually CYLON's animation shows your screen position better then
IBM's original cursor, so it can be a real asset to text editing.
I couldn't find the name of the ingenious sort that wrote this fine
program, but I'll have to say I have received much pleasure from it!
-thanks guy?...Pep

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