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Takes a snapshot of a screen and saves it to disk. Like a screendump.
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Takes a snapshot of a screen and saves it to disk. Like a screendump.
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********* S N A P S H O T ********

The program SNAPSHOT.COM can store a text screen (SCREEN 0,1,0,0)
for later recall. It can also store up to three screens, read off
the disk from data files, for instant recall (useful for menus, info
screens, etc.). To install this program that runs in the background
just type SNAPSHOT while in DOS. The program uses the keyboard int-
errupt, so it won't work with programs that also use this. However
it does work with most programs (all the ones I have, I know it works
with, including WordStar, dBase II, and PC-Calc). To save a screen,
type CNTL-N, to recall it at anytime press CNTL-F. To return to what
you were doing, press any key. To "pre-store" screens on the disk,
just create a screenful of text in an ASCII file, naming each file
A.DAT, B.DAT, and C.DAT. If you have less than three files, start
the names at A.DAT, and the program will automatically stop when it
doesn't find the next file name. To recall these files, just press
CNTL- A,B,C; the letter corresponding to the name of the file on the

Pete Duniho
P.S. This program is also available on the PC-Magazine's user service
bulletin board.

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