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ATI 8514-ULTRA installation and configuration utilities.
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ATI 8514-ULTRA installation and configuration utilities.
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Contents of the README file

ATI 8514-ULTRA installation and configuration utilities.

Please note that this is a stripped-down version of the installation
package found on our standard 8514-ULTRA (v4.0) diskettes. Only the
following main menu entries will function:

Set Power Up Configuration
Set Current Video Mode
Test Graphics Adapter

To use the utilities, unzip them onto a diskette, or into a directory
on your hard disk and run the INSTALL program. Note that INSTALL is
NOT meant to function under Windows.

If you have difficulties using the INSTALL program, try a clean boot,
removing any memory management software that you normally load. Other
TSR programs and device drivers may also interfere with INSTALL's access
to your ATI hardware.

If you require the full diskette version of INSTALL, please contact ATI
Customer Support. There may be a small ($10-15) charge to cover our
shipping costs. It is extremely helpful to us if you can provide your
ATI BIOS part number, available on the screen at boot time, and also
accessible with the "Show System Information" entry on the "Test Graphics
Adapter" menu of INSTALL.

ATI Customer Support
33 Commerce Valley Drive East
Thornhill, ON L3T 7N6

Support: 416-882-2626
FAX: 416-882-2620
BBS: 416-764-9404

CompuServe: GO ATITECH, drivers in Library 17

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